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Intel announced the first artificial intelligence innovation and application competition, with a total bonus of more than 1 million yuan.

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Shulou( Report-- December 8 news, Intel China today announced the launch of Intel artificial intelligence innovation application competition, the first competition will be launched on December 16.

The Intel artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application Competition, hosted by Intel China, is a science and technology competition for developers and enterprises around the world, officials said. With the theme of "enabling side-to-side collaboration to make AI everywhere", the competition provides developers with an open and innovative AI application development platform, relying on rich software and hardware development resources. The exclusive AI PC partner of this competition is Lenovo.

Intel artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application Competition is divided into two major tracks: "individual" and "enterprise". Professionals such as industry authoritative technological celebrities, university experts and scholars, senior investment institutions, domestic and foreign head model manufacturers and senior Intel technical experts were invited to participate in the guidance and selection. The total bonus is 1 million + yuan, with another mysterious grand prize. The final team works will also be deployed in the Intel Great Bay area Science and Technology Innovation Center exhibition area for the media and guests.

The schedule of the competition is as follows:

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