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Two pieces of cold wave will be ready: 900 compressed biscuits, 8 jin, 70 yuan, breaking a new low (over 166 yuan)

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Shulou( Report--

The daily price of 900compressed biscuit 200g*20 bag (in iron barrel) is 129yuan, which has dropped to 124yuan today.

Place an order with a reduction of 11 yuan + 25 yuan time-limited coupon, 88 yuan for free delivery + 24 interest-free payments: 900 compressed biscuits 20 bags of iron barreled 24 interest-free 8jin coupons 88 yuan 25 yuan coupons in addition, has now started 12.12 year-end promotion, support cross-store 200-30 yuan, this model only needs 70 yuan after making the order.

A good example to make the order (after the order is made, it will be interest-free for three periods): 900 compressed biscuits 20 bags of iron drums packed with 8 jin coupons + plus shopping cart 1 piece 25 yuan coupons put together an order after issuing an order Beijing-made bone chopping knife 7 inches plus shopping cart a direct link above two each join a shopping cart, together settlement, biscuits equivalent to 70 yuan, collectors do not like to return.

If a large number of refunds are returned in large quantities in a short period of time on the platform, there is a small probability that the account will be black. A good boy suggests that the refund should not exceed 5 orders per day.

The biscuits are delivered by + package delivery to Rida, Linshan Food franchise store to provide after-sales service.

Offline Shang Chao, Tmall's official flagship store, self-run the same 200g*6 bag is now sold for 49.9 yuan (click here to see), 20 bags is about 166yuan, this big promotion Yoli discount of 50%.

Four-year warranty, fast hoarding of partners in need.

Produced by Qinhuangdao Marine Food Co., Ltd., this brand tastes good, and there is surplus grain at home, so most of the time it will not panic.

Even if you don't expect to use it in a special period, you can usually take OK with you for self-driving trips, outdoor mountain climbing, and long-distance trips. 900 compressed biscuits 20 bags of iron barreled 24 interest-free 8jin coupons 88 yuan 25 yuan coupons

Tmall no threshold red packet up to 8888 yuan, smoke once a day: click here to draw red packet.

Welcome to download the best way to buy App-good goods, good price, high rebate, 10 cents can also withdraw cash!

Scan the QR code or click here to download the latest version (automatic recognition platform).

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