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Google launches NotebookLM note-taking application in the United States to help you search for content, refine outlines, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- December 9 news, Google today issued a press release, announced in the United States, the launch of NotebookLM. The new version enhances the existing features of NotebookLM, bringing in more than a dozen new features.

But Google still marks it as "experimental", which means the company will further polish and refine the app.

Google says the app can now easily help you summarize your notes, allow you to search for specific content in uploaded notes, and even use them to create an outline for you.

NoteBookLM, originally known as Project Tailwind, made its debut during Google I / O 2023 in May. reported in July this year that Google invited some users to test NotebookLM. The official introduction is as follows:

NotebookLM is an experimental product designed to leverage the power and potential of language models to combine your existing content to gain important insights more quickly. You can think of it as a virtual research assistant who can summarize facts, explain complex ideas, brainstorm, and make new associations based on the sources of your choice.

A key difference between NotebookLM and traditional artificial intelligence chatbots is that NotebookLM allows you to "implant" language models into your notes and materials, effectively creating a personalized AI that knows everything about you around the Source-grounding. Starting today, you can create NotebookLM in specific Google Docs of your choice, and we will add other formats soon.

For more details on the new version of NotebookLM, you can visit here, and if you want to experience NotebookLM, you can visit here.

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