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With the dispatch of 500 professional equipment engineers, labor disputes at TSMC's US plant have been alleviated.

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Thank netizens Rimi Ishihara for the delivery of the clue to happiness! news on December 9, the labor dispute at TSMC's US plant has been alleviated. TSMC said in a statement on the 7th that it had reached an agreement with the Arizona Construction Industry Board (AZBTC) to make cooperation to promote factory construction as a top priority, formulate labor training programs, and improve the transparency of public safety issues. learned from the report that according to the agreement reached between the two sides, TSMC's US plant and its suppliers can conditionally employ foreign staff with professional experience. The media and industry insiders believe that the agreement between the two sides is expected to accelerate the construction of the factory.

In terms of talent, AZBTC will recruit sufficient experienced manpower to meet the manpower needs of TSMC's Arizona wafer contractor, while TSMC will send 500 professional equipment engineers to the United States, which is expected to facilitate the rapid installation of equipment and ensure a smooth future operation.

In terms of resident staffing, according to the agreement, the committee is composed of AZBTC designated members, TSMC Arizona plant and contractor leaders, as well as local employee representatives, which meet regularly every quarter.

TSMC stressed that the Arizona fab will be the most advanced semiconductor process technology production base in the United States, creating thousands of stable and high-paying jobs there. The two phases of the fab under construction have created thousands of jobs in line with industrial wage standards for AZBTC members.

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