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Northeast black land gestation: Lake granary Xingkai Lake Yunlu fragrant rice 34.9 yuan 10 jin big promotion (23 years new rice)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Lake granary Food flagship Store]

Lake granary Xingkai Lake Yunlu fragrant rice daily price is 39.9 yuan, order to get 5 yuan coupon, to hand price is 34.9 yuan:

Tmall Lake granary Xingkai Lake Yunlu fragrant rice 5KG coupon after 34.9 yuan 5 coupon flagship store daily price is 53.9 yuan, today's discount price is 40.43 yuan: click here to see.

The price of pinduoduo's third-party store starts at 34.9 yuan.

Xingkai Lake natural lake water irrigation + traditional planting + artificial breeding, taste soft and waxy.

Located in one of the three black lands in the world, Xingkai Lake in Heilongjiang Province is known as the Pearl of the North. It is a freshwater lake on the Sino-Russian border formed by volcanic eruption and topographic subsidence 6500 years ago (data from Baidu Encyclopedia)

Factory name: Heilongjiang Tongye Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Province: Heilongjiang Province

City: Jixi City

Tmall Lake granary Xingkai Lake Yunlu fragrant rice 5KG coupon after 34.9 yuan 5 yuan coupon

Tmall no threshold red packet up to 8888 yuan, smoke once a day: click here to draw red packet.

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