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Tesla opens 48V Electrical Architecture document, Ford CEO: good for Automobile Industry

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Shulou( Report--, December 9, Tesla announced at the delivery event held at his Texas factory earlier this month that the pure electric pickup truck Cybertruck will adopt 800V high voltage battery system, and the auxiliary battery system will be upgraded from 12V to 48V.

Tesla has now shared the relevant design documents on the 48V electrical architecture with third-party automakers. Subsequently, Ford CEO Jim Farley thanked Musk and spoke highly of the bank's actions that were good for the auto industry as a whole. Musk then responded: "you're welcome." note: at present, the storage battery (commonly known as battery) used in mainstream cars is a 12v battery pack composed of six lead-acid batteries in series, which is mainly used for lighting, vehicle entertainment, electronic control units and other low-power electronic devices.

However, with the diversification of in-car entertainment and the integration of more and more electrical components, the existing 12V battery has been unable to meet the needs of the car.

The Cybertruck launched by Tesla upgrades the auxiliary battery system to 48V, and the opening of this related design will inevitably have a significant impact on the whole vehicle, which will inevitably promote automobile companies to adjust the internal alignment and structure of vehicles, and bring about changes in the whole ecology.

When the voltage is upgraded from 12V to 48V, the theoretical current will be smaller, reducing the loss in the transfer process and reducing the temperature, while reducing the need for wire diameter, allowing the use of thinner wires to save weight and cost.

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