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"Star" multiplayer game mod stopped development, author: 70% completed, enthusiasm exhausted

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Shulou( Report--, December 9 (Xinhua)-- Robbe Bryssinck, the developer of the Old Scroll 5 (Old Roll 5) multiplayer game, announced on the Discord channel of the "Star" mod community that he will stop the development of the "Star" multiplayer game (Starfield Together). noted that Cosideci was disappointed with Star's game quality and lack of immersive exploration. He reverse-engineered the game a few days after its release. Skyrim Together (mod) was transplanted to a potential Starfield Together module and is now about 70% complete. "there's only one problem: this game is fucking garbage."

Cosideci added: "I didn't realize this until I actually started playing the damn game a week after the release." He called it "boring" and "boring" and said one of the attractions of the B Club game was to "explore in a vivid and handmade world", which "completely disappeared" in Starry Sky. "I will not continue to develop Starfield Together, nor will I devote myself to the mod of this mediocre game."

Cosideci said it would upload the code as open source to help others create multi-person mod, but warned that "it may still take more than 100 hours to complete the rest."

Cosideci's Discord post was forwarded to Reddit's "Starry Sky" sub-section, and top commentator Boyahda summed up the general view: "relying on the producer to fix the game is effective only if the mod maker is willing to invest time and effort."

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