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The world's first late-night self-driving bus line was put into operation in Seoul, South Korea, with a free ride at the initial stage.

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Shulou( Report-- December 9 news, comprehensive CCTV News, South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, South Korean media "Asia Daily" and other news, South Korea's first late-night self-driving bus, but also the world's first late-night self-driving bus recently put into operation in the special city of Seoul, the initial operation, local residents can ride free.

According to a related report on the ▲ Seoul municipal government news website, the line number is "late Night A21". According to reports, the late-night self-driving bus line will depart from Dongmen Station and Hsui Station at 23:30 in the evening, with a total of three vehicles running every 70 minutes until 5:10 the next morning. The model selected this time is the same as the ordinary local city bus and is driven by pure electricity.

The line covers a total of 9.8km and has 40 stations (20 one-way). Local residents can book a ride through the mobile phone App. Technically, the buses used this time are said to be able to identify traffic lights, pedestrians and obstacles, and can automatically avoid and emergency braking.

In terms of safety, all positions of the car will be equipped with seat belts, passengers will not be allowed to stand and two security guards will be arranged on board.

Starting from the first half of next year, the local government plans to charge for the late-night self-driving bus line, but the fare is lower than the existing "late-night bus". As a reference, the local late-night bus fare is 2500 won ( Note: currently about 14 yuan).

According to CCTV news, so far, the operating range of self-driving cars and buses in Seoul has been expanded to six areas, including Jiangnan and Yoido, with a total driving distance of more than 177000 kilometers and carrying 55000 passengers.

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