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BOE (Beijing Oriental) is rated by the national industrial design center, and the AIoT industrial design capability has been certified at the national level.

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Recently, BOE was officially awarded "National Industrial Design Center" by the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is mainly awarded to industrial design centers or industrial design enterprises with strong innovation ability, distinctive features, standardized management and outstanding performance. This recognition demonstrates that the industrial design capability of BOE (BOE) Internet of things products and services reaches the national level.

BOE (Beijing Oriental) was awarded by the national industrial design center.

As the core component of AIoT technology, BOE (Beijing Oriental) Industrial Design Center adheres to the concept of "customer first, innovation-driven" and constructs a design system from 0 to 1. It already has the full process design and development capabilities, such as product appearance, material technology, visual interface, interactive experience, multimedia visualization and so on. In recent years, the Industrial Design Center has achieved "from 1 to N" innovation breakthroughs in brand aesthetics, integrated innovation, cost intensification and user experience, built a product design "moat", and contributed to the high-quality development of BOE Internet of things products and services.

In terms of brand aesthetics, BOE has created a unique and distinct design language. Its own brand BOE (Beijing Oriental) Smart all-in-one combines superb design language with high-end commercial scenes and has become one of the benchmarks in the electronic whiteboard industry. The "Peak" design language of BOE's large-size Wisdom Shang Xian series aims to build light, thin and solid product quality, among which BOE 110inch 8K peak smart version won the 2022 German Red Dot Design Award. BOE (Beijing Oriental) R & D and design of the largest size of 95-inch 8K OLED display products with blade-like 3.3mm visual thickness, won the 2023 German IF Design Award and the 2022 American IDEA Industrial Design Award two world awards.

In terms of integration and innovation, BOE Industrial Design Center has realized the transformation from design support to innovation and then to integration and innovation. In 2023, the proportion of independent design of industrial design center is as high as 66%. With the industry head tablet design team in-depth coordination, agile development, rapid response, to create the first appearance effect. At the same time, it provides distinctive product design for e-sports notebook computer, and constructs an innovative design cooperation model.

In terms of cost intensity, the continuous iterative CMF process reserve of BOE (Beijing Oriental) Industrial Design Center brings more process choices and creates a cost-intensive service of "the same effect, better cost; same cost, better effect". The unique materials customized for TV customers still show high-quality metal texture in the spray-free process, and the multi-color gradient spraying process customized for tablet customers helps reduce costs by 20%.

In terms of user experience, BOE (Beijing Oriental) Industrial Design Center always adheres to the design thinking of taking the end as the beginning. BOE's 3.7inch low-power eye protection student card uses simple interaction levels, childish interface design, and customized lattice fonts to create a child-friendly interactive experience. The product won the 2023 IDEA American Industrial Design Award and has been mass-produced in many schools. The design of the rotatable lid of BOE Health Yuanwang Learning screen subverts the use of the industry and has been shipped to professional channels across the country.

At present, BOE Industrial Design Center is fully supporting the development of more than 10 business sectors of IoT terminal and system solutions, supporting more than 600 IoT products and services and accumulating nearly 300 items of intellectual property rights. In the future, BOE (Beijing Oriental) Industrial Design Center will continue to take "customer first, innovation-driven" as the core key words, empower Internet of things products with technological innovation, meet user needs with design ingenuity, and open a new chapter of high-quality development under the "couplet of things" strategy.

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