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Cool Ke electric energy block pocket version goes on sale tonight: 10000mAh / two-way 30WJI 99 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 9 news, Cool's latest power block pocket version goes on sale at 8: 00 tonight, 10000mAh power, supports two-way 30W fast charging, the first launch is 99 yuan.

The specifications of the pocket version of the electric energy block of finishing Cool State are as follows:

The appearance of the mobile power supply uses the same color collision design, available in pink, gray and orange; the lamp belt design can display the remaining power; the front area is the same as the bank card, the weight is 195g; the capacity is 10000mAh, equipped with a USB-An interface and a USB-C interface, support 30W two-way fast charge, compatible with UFCS fusion fast charge protocol.

Officials said that this mobile power supply built-in two 21700 power cells, 1000 cycle tests, the battery capacity is still greater than or equal to 70%; double-click the power button to turn on the small current mode to charge small current smart devices such as watches and bracelets; use V0 fireproof PC material, grid design, larger heat dissipation area; compatible with PD, QC, PPS, SCP, FCP, AFC and other fast charging protocols Built-in NTC temperature monitoring, round-the-clock active monitoring of cell temperature; the official provides 18 months long-term warranty, within 540 days after purchase, there are non-man-made quality problems, all replaced without repair. CUKTECH Cool Section 10000mAh Mini portable battery 99 yuan direct link

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