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X (Twitter) "Community Notes" function is open to Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea.

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Thanks to netizens and soft media users for 1520111 clue delivery!, December 9 (Xinhua)-- the "Community Notes (Community Notes)" function of X has announced that it is open to Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Users can apply to become members of the "Community Notes" and provide supplementary information on the content on the platform. notes that this feature has always been a feature that Musk is proud of:

Crowdsourcing can also provide useful background information to reduce the problem of false news and rumors.

Application conditions:

Since January 1, 2023, no rule X has been violated

Joined X at least 6 months ago.

Have a certified phone number

Not associated with other community note accounts

In the community notes, users will see the footnotes at the bottom of the tweets, and other registered members of the community notes can also grade the footnotes, and whether the final display is not decided only by the majority of people. It is up to people with different views to judge whether footnotes help users understand the content, and X officials do not have the right to make decisions on community notes.

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