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Zhou Teng AI developer's Day Guangzhou Station successfully held four ceremonies to stimulate the innovation vitality of artificial intelligence industry.

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On December 9th, under the guidance of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, sponsored by Guangzhou Radio Group and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., and undertaken by Guangzhou artificial Intelligence Public Computing Center, Guangdong artificial Intelligence Industry Association, Guangzhou Information Association, Tianhe Talent Port, Guangzhou Tianhe District Software and Information Industry Association jointly organized "create the Future, enjoy extraordinary" as the theme of "create the Future, enjoy extraordinary" as the theme of "creating the Future, enjoying extraordinary" was successfully held in Guangzhou Station.

At the meeting, four major ceremonies were held: the signing of computing cooperation, the co-construction of large model ecology, the training of talents, and the appointment of experts. Multi-dimensional and multi-measures promoted the ecological prosperity of artificial intelligence industry in Guangzhou and helped the construction of digital Guangzhou to "accelerate running". Huang Xingyao, party member and deputy director of Guangzhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Cheng ou, party committee member and deputy general manager of Guangzhou Radio Group, Zhang Dapeng, academician of the Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences, academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, President of the School of data Science of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), and Zhang Jie, executive vice president and secretary general of Guangdong artificial Intelligence Industry Association, attended the event. More than 500 enterprise representatives and developers attended.

Huang Xingyao said in his speech that the Guangzhou artificial Intelligence Public Computing Center is based in Guangzhou, radiates the artificial intelligence industry in South China, and sets up a collaborative innovation platform for enterprises, scientific research institutions and colleges and universities. it has promoted the transformation of Guangzhou artificial intelligence scientific and technological achievements, application scene innovation, personnel training and industrial agglomeration, and injected new vitality into the new generation of information technology ecology. Comprehensively promote the intelligence level of key industries in Guangzhou. Cheng ou said in his speech that since the Guangzhou Computing Center was put into operation for more than a year, it has served more than 220 enterprises and institutions in Guangzhou and worked with key partners to create more than 130 solutions, involving 11 industries such as education, intelligent manufacturing, and so on. save users a total of more than 58 million yuan in computing expenses. The center has been successfully selected into the national new generation of artificial intelligence public computing open innovation platform (chip) construction list, officially incorporated into the national artificial intelligence computing strategy system.

Academician Zhang Dapeng delivered a keynote speech on "Innovation and generalization of AI". He said that the rapid development of machine learning and deep learning has allowed AI to infiltrate into various industries and speed up innovation. The large model in the past two years pushes AI to a new height and provides a new direction for people to solve practical application problems. Under the enabling of the AI model, more AI innovative technologies will be widely applied in the future society.

In order to further expand the innovation ecosystem of artificial intelligence, the meeting Guangzhou artificial Intelligence Public Computing Center joined hands with Guangdong Southern Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Pixel data Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jiaojie Information Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Tongzuo Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shiyun Rongju (Guangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Kunpeng Wulian Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Lingju Information Technology Co., Ltd., Eight companies of Guangzhou Chizhonglong Information Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement. In the future, all parties will accelerate the landing of scientific research achievements and the incubation of innovative solutions in the industry based on the basic software and hardware platform of Teng AI and the high-performance intelligent computing support of Guangzhou Computing Center.

At the meeting, the ecological co-construction ceremony of the large model of Guangzhou artificial Intelligence Public Computing Center was successfully held. Guang'an federal model, leisurely model, Zidong Taichu model, Lingnao model and liver cancer model were the first batch of domestic general and vertical models as the first batch of resident partners. in the future, all parties will jointly carry out cooperation in tackling key technologies of large models, vertical field scene building, commercial landing promotion and so on. Promote the efficient and low-cost landing and application of large models in various vertical fields, jointly build a large model innovation ecology of openness, integration, cooperation and sharing, and help Guangzhou artificial intelligence applications blossom at multiple points and empower thousands of industries.

The vigorous development of artificial intelligence industry is inseparable from the concerted contribution of experts. At the event site, the Guangzhou artificial Intelligence Public Computing Center specially invited Jiang Yuncheng, dean of the School of computer Science of South China normal University, and Qin Qiyuan, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of the sixth affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, to join the special committee. The expert committee of Guangzhou artificial Intelligence Public Computing Center was formally established at the beginning of this year, which is composed of 13 authoritative experts in the field of artificial intelligence, including Xu Xiangmin, vice president of South China University of Technology. The rich team of experts will further consolidate the strength of the "think tank" in Guangzhou.

Talent-oriented, this solid can be honored. Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. joined hands with the School of Information Science and Technology of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, the School of Geographic Science and remote Sensing of Guangzhou University, and the School of Electronics and Information of Guangdong normal University to sign the "Teng AI Talent Development acceleration Program". Facing the scenes of scientific research innovation, research demonstration, research and innovation of basic models, Huawei will provide full-path support from three dimensions: technology support and empowerment, resource support and industry influence. help colleges and universities to enhance the competitiveness of artificial intelligence technology application and scientific research innovation, and forge the first-mover advantage of teaching reform.

During the same period, sub-forums such as "Guangdong" famous developer AI said, CXO high-end Sixiang Salon and ISV partner screening Salon were held to promote developers to have a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the basic software and hardware knowledge and application capabilities of Pengteng AI, empower developers' technological growth, unite the forces of innovation from all sides, and work together to drive high-quality development and high-level applications of artificial intelligence.

In the future, Teng AI will continue to focus on basic software and hardware innovation and upgrading, work with partners in various fields to create more, more open and easy-to-use platforms, build a more efficient, collaborative and high-quality artificial intelligence ecology, and win-win digital intelligence future.

Penton AI developer creation Day is a series of activities launched by Huawei for Penton AI developers, which aims to bring together regional partners, customers, developers from universities and scientific research institutes to provide developers with a platform for in-depth discussion and exchange through cutting-edge technology thinking, purest technology sharing, and the most real hands-on experience, and to create the future of Penton AI industry with developers and share extraordinary growth and success. For more information, please visit the Teng Community at

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