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Berry sunflower launched 4G intelligent patch board P4: outdoor can also remotely control the switch, the initial price is 259 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 14 news, Bei Rui sunflower launched a brand-new 4G intelligent patch panel P4, can be in outdoor, suburban and other environments without WiFi network remote control, the initial price of 259 yuan.

Sunflower intelligent patch panel P4 embedded with China Unicom joint SIM card, free 5 years of traffic package, direct connection signal base station, outdoor, suburban and other network-free environment ready to use.

At the same time, sunflower intelligent patch panel P4 supports three-hole independent distribution control, one patch panel is equivalent to three intelligent sockets. This means that P4 can be used to power multiple devices at the same time, meeting the independent remote switching requirements of multiple devices.

Sunflower intelligent patch panel P4 also supports intelligent time switch, which can realize automatic power management of equipment.

Sunflower intelligent patch panel P4 also supports real-time monitoring of equipment power consumption. Users can check the power consumption of patch panel at any time through Sunflower App, including current power, voltage, current, electricity consumption today and other power consumption information.

In addition, Sunflower Smart Patch Panel P4 is also equipped with Bluetooth binding ( Note: Bluetooth 4.2 support) and power-off memory function. After power failure, call again, no need to set again can be restored to the state of the socket before power failure.

In the hardware specification itself, sunflower intelligent patch panel P4 shell adopts 750℃ high temperature flame retardant material, and the internal battery adopts integrated copper tape technology.

Sunflower intelligent patch panel P4 original price 299 yuan, the initial subsidy coupon stand reduced 40 yuan, get 259 yuan.

Jingdong Beirui Sunflower 4G Insert P4 Receive Subsidy Coupon minus 40 Yuan Coupon, 259 Yuan Receive 40 Yuan Coupon

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