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A total of 700 high-speed power stations have been built in Weilai, covering 7 vertical, 4 horizontal and 11 major urban agglomeration high-speed power exchange networks.

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Shulou( Report--, December 10, learned from the official that it has built a total of 700 high-speed power stations, covering 7 vertical, 4 horizontal, 11 major urban agglomeration high-speed power transfer network.

As of December 6, 2200 replacement power stations, 3485 charging stations, 20455 charging piles and 960000 + third-party charging piles have been built.

Weilai previously said that the completed high-speed power exchange network will continue to be encrypted in the future, and the high-speed power exchange network of 19 major urban agglomerations will be fully completed in 2025.

At present, Weilai is expanding the "circle of friends" for power exchange cooperation. On November 21, Weilai announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Changan on power exchange business, and the two sides will cooperate in promoting the establishment of battery standards, the construction and sharing of exchange network, the research and development of replacement models, and the establishment of an efficient battery asset management mechanism.

On November 29, Weilai announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Geely Holdings. The two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation in the areas of battery standards, technology, network construction and operation, R & D and customization of replacement models, battery asset management and operation, etc.

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