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Tencent will suspend the sale of Nintendo Switch extended warranty program from today, and the related rights and interests will not be affected.

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Shulou( Report-- December 10 news, Tencent Nintendo Switch announced that the Bank of China Switch extended warranty program, which was first launched in December 2022, will be suspended from December 10, 2023 (today), and the rights and interests of users who have purchased the extended warranty plan will not be affected.

Tencent said the move was to "better adapt to product development and user needs". Tencent will discuss and analyze the extended warranty plan in detail and bring a value-added service plan that is "more in line with product characteristics and experience habits" at the right time in the future. Note: Tencent Nintendo Switch extended Warranty Program was first released in late December 2022. The plan applies to "Nintendo Switch" and "Nintendo Switch (OLED version)" which are newly purchased or are still under warranty. Users can pay to participate in the program to extend the warranty period by one year.

Bank of China Switch one-year extension of the official guidance price is 159 yuan, the IPO discount price of 99 yuan.

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