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"it's over! I'm surrounded by beauties! How is it designed?

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This article comes from the official account of Wechat: ID:chuappgame, author: Peng Chuwei

A little bit of sincerity in the emotional experience, some chaos from the nature of life, coupled with the certainty that they will undoubtedly be loved, constitute Yang Sheng's eyes about "finished!" I'm surrounded by beauties! "all of it.

How can I introduce "finished" to you? I'm surrounded by beauties! "? Most young players should have heard of the game more or less. Since its launch on October 18, it has topped the best-selling list of Steam stores several times and remains at the 13th place of the list today. Interviews, reports and discussions about it lasted a month and a half: we all knew who invested in the game and how each star was chosen. These behind-the-scenes stories have been dug up.

I also saw a lot of detailed reports about game design-such as interviews with the screenwriter team, the director's summary of shooting skills, and so on. This content gives me a scene in which game developers are frightened by the market's attention to the game (which is not uncommon in the game industry). Developers just want to make a small sum of money. Suddenly find themselves a star-and then start to share their success actively or passively.

"it's over! I'm surrounded by beauties! Many people hold their own views on why it is so popular, most of which are related to words such as "casting", "track" and "the emotional needs of contemporary people". Based on these analyses, a large number of similar "finished!" The "I'm surrounded by handsome guys" project is gradually moving forward.

"it's over! I'm surrounded by beauties! "there is no doubt about its success, but I am interested in a more" classical "question-about the design of the game itself. How was it designed? What kind of experience is the designer committed to giving players?

In order to figure out these problems, we found Yang Sheng, the executive producer of the game, who mastered all aspects of the script creation and play design of the game. He contributed to the choices that players can make in the game, the mixed way of each storyline, and the overall "love experience". According to the standards of the game industry, you can regard Yang Sheng as "finished!" I'm surrounded by beauties! "the game (content to) the producer.

My encounter with Yang Sheng was full of twists and turns. When I contacted Yang Sheng, he was living with producer Han Chao. His schedule is so full that we can only have a quick chat near noon.

Time was limited. Yang Sheng praised Toule at the beginning, and then the topic was quickly led to issues that had been talked about many times. I could clearly feel their tiredness to the interview, and all the answers had been repeated several times. At the same time, they are also used to their own words being misunderstood, Han Chao repeatedly said: "you write according to your understanding, anyway, I said, you may not believe it."

Generally speaking, this contact is not satisfactory, and we all have some misunderstandings about each other.

A week later, I wrote an article about "finished!" I'm surrounded by beauties! Yang Sheng liked this article very much. He came to me, we chatted again, and then we made an appointment for a new interview.

The interview was still spent in an urgent atmosphere-at 11:00, Yang Sheng opened a voice with me at the hotel, and he was ready to leave for a game design class. He said in advance what he would say in class, and at the same time, he told me that few people would pay attention to the design ideas of the game itself-my analysis of the game made him more willing to explain to me what he thought when developing the game.

These ideas come from his many years of experience in the film and television industry, so they are very personal. For example, he feels that in order to restore the chaos in life in the game, there should be all kinds of random encounters and emergencies, which should give players a choice without changing the results, and so on.

When he talks about these ideas, I wonder-- how can he convince other game writers to achieve this? How can he be sure that his idea must be right?

Yang Sheng saw my doubts and talked about his past: he graduated from the director department of the Beijing Film Academy, made advertising films for a period of time, took part in commercial films, and worked as Xu Zheng's assistant director. In the game industry, he has served as the head of the screenwriting team for the popular game "hardcore machine armour" in previous years.

Yang Sheng has participated in many famous commercial film productions. He relies on these experiences to persuade each other and lead the project.

The reason he joined "doomed! I'm surrounded by beauties! The main reason is that the producer saw his cross-border ability in games and film and television, and at that time he very much wanted to realize the ideas he had accumulated in the film and television industry in the game.

Finally, Yang Sheng showed me his design principles, which are very novel. More importantly, as a game developer, he is also different from what most people think.

At least the relationship is really "finished!" I'm surrounded by beauties! The name of the game is easy to give a hint that it is unskilled to attract men with simple and crude fantasy scenes. What is there to say? It seems that we can only talk about the subject matter, the casting and the people who play with it, right?

In fact, if you take it seriously, it's over! I'm surrounded by beauties! If you have really used it, you will find that it has a very special point: if you are a man, you must feel more or less sympathetic to it, as if you have experienced something similar.

When explaining this point, Yang Sheng showed me three tragic stories in ancient Greece: the first is "Medea acquired the Golden Fleece", the second is "Oedipus patricide", and the third is "Prometheus stole fire".

Yang Sheng believes that these stories are "very classic narrative models" in which many emotions of the game can be compared. They represent "the desire to love but not get", the emotional loss brought by the original family "and" the heroism complex in love "respectively.

Yang Sheng believes that human emotions have spiritual characteristics that can be summarized and summarized, and by planning storylines around these themes, it is easy to meet the players' emotional needs in detail, thus giving the players some kind of sense of security-in fact, my next question is: "how do you make sure that the choices in the game make the players feel real?" I thought I would hear Yang Sheng analyze the timing, content and emotional needs behind the options. But instead of following the tragedy of ancient Greece as I expected, he talked about "beauties".

There are many characters in the game and there are completely different female roles in the past. "the girls in the game basically have their own'no', that is, life and emotional needs. the protagonists played by the players only satisfy their imagination of happiness and future life." "you can say the plot is science fiction, but you can't say that the relationship is false," Yang said. "

These "emotional needs that can be found in ancient Greek tragedies" are actually things that creators have personally experienced and really recognized. He believes this view is real and contagious enough to allow more people to "take fewer detours" and eventually learn to make the right choices in maintaining a relationship.

This heartfelt belief gives "doomed!" I'm surrounded by beauties! "A sincerity. Yang Sheng put this sincerity in the first place, it goes beyond the methodology and the design principles shared by Yang Sheng and me to a certain extent, but reveals such a fact: "finished!" I'm surrounded by beauties! "developers such as Yang Sheng, who write screenplays and story options, are actually a group of single men and women who have suffered a lot emotionally.

When they are writing the story lines of the whole game, what they think most about is their past life and their detours in life and emotions. by writing these seemingly unreal love stories, they became their own love mentors in the past.

There is a popular article on the Internet about "finished!" I'm surrounded by beauties! The article points out that "it's over! I'm surrounded by beauties! The women in the film are produced in a "modulated" way, only to meet the aesthetic expectations of male players on women.

This article analyzes the design theory behind the game. This article is based on the theory of "Beautiful Girl Game", but what it does not observe is that the writers who really created these female characters are not writing about these women in a methodological way-they are more likely to write about their feelings according to their intuition and believe that the feelings are real.

It is this simple belief that makes the whole game more detailed, making it not so close to the traditional beautiful girl love game, so that men who only focus on real life can understand and eat it.

This is what Yang Sheng stressed at the beginning of the second interview.

Random is not just about taking risks and telling the truth, let's get down to business.

I can explain the way the game is played in a short paragraph. If you have ever played any interactive film and television games, that's fine: the mechanism of this game is to lead players to the favorable ending of different women through many plot options and plot points. So that players can have a certain degree of freedom to have their own love experience.

Compared with the simple and simple way of playing, the effort of this game is not spent on the mechanism, but reflected in the implementation of the mechanism.

In summing up his experience, Yang Sheng often said: "when players want to take risks, don't ask whether to step on the left leg or the right leg first." He attributed the idea to the "risk-taking principle".

Yang Sheng has explained this principle in many reports, but most of the reports simply interpret it as amusing by giving random, unpredictable results to increase the secondary spread of the game in the video.

In fact, Yang Sheng wants to use the "risk-taking principle" to tell everyone how to determine the timing of the options when designing plot options for such games.

In the plot node "unqualified repairman" in Chapter 3 of the game, the protagonist repairs the faucet for Xiao Lu, and the water spurts out, and the player has to choose "left" and "right" to avoid-- in Yang Sheng's view, this is a very classic "choice" opportunity, players must make choices here, these choices will have some consequences, but the consequences will not be too big-Xiao Lu is on the left, if you flash to the right. The water will pour on Xiao Lu and ruin a date.

Determining the timing of these options is the meaning of the "risk-taking principle".

Fixing the faucet is an impressive clip. In addition to the "Adventure principle", what Yang Sheng has been saying is: "Random performance brings fun." This sentence has two meanings.

For one thing, players can have additional options in many situations in the game-such as choosing an ex-husband between Hao Ma and her ex-husband, and being able to ignore the heroines and chat with the eldest brother in the next bed in the hospital. These options appear at random, revealing low-probability events that will happen in real life in a funny way, giving players a greater sense of control.

Second, in the story, developers should seize the casual moments that may jump out as the story progresses, and set options for these moments to make players feel real, such as eating or drinking water first. or walk out of the left leg or the right leg, and so on.

When it comes to the game, in the plot node of "Brother talk", Lao Liu asks players: what's it like to date with a group of girls? The answers given are "very happy" and "not so happy". Both options actually mean the same thing-players don't choose any of the girls. But it is still giving players a choice to express their feelings: it is true that they do not choose girls, but there are many possibilities. They may like everyone too much, or they may just enjoy the feeling of being surrounded and sought after by girls.

Behind all this, Yang Sheng said that "his own philosophy is in trouble."

He agrees with the theory that the essence of life is chaos. "everything in the world ends with the increase of entropy, that is, everything will become more and more chaotic." In his view, all choices are meaningless in the final analysis and will not change the doomed ending. in the face of this certainty, he thought of the random experience in life, which he thought only random could counteract and add more fun to life.

"randomness" is, in other words, "uncertainty". Yang Sheng's pursuit of randomness in the game is actually to bring players an experience other than certainty. The experience is more real and fun.

With this idea in mind, in "finished!" I'm surrounded by beauties! "in, when the player walks the story line step by step, intersects with one heroine and goes to different endings, he constantly gives players unpredictable results, and the timing and content are quite random choices. Just so that after a series of games, when players see the many possibilities of the ending, they can realize the fact that even in a love game with such a definite form, "it's over!" I'm surrounded by beauties! "I still give myself a lot of choices.

These choices eventually enable players to push progress not just to increase feelings and "look at beauties", but to really put themselves into the game.

Players can only choose to fall in love with a female character at the end. There is no doubt that in addition to the "randomness principle", Yang Sheng also has a "certainty principle", that is, everything (design) should make players feel positive emotional feedback.

In early versions of the game, players were faced with a similar "debt date" setting, with debt bars reminding players all the time what choices to make. But the team thought it was a negative feedback to the players, so it was deleted.

This matter laid the foundation for the end! I'm surrounded by beauties! "the emotional tone-to provide players with emotional value. This emotional value is not necessarily that the player is loved by various characters, but that the player feels the warmth of love in the process of expressing love.

Generally speaking, the certainty of the game appears from the beginning, and it is certain that players will choose a certain relationship when they enter the game. But how to get this relationship is uncertain, and that's the fun.

"it's over! I'm surrounded by beauties!" the best part is that the one we are chasing is always trusting and loving us unconditionally. Love can be answered, no matter how many random events occur in the middle. " This is what Yang Sheng firmly believes.

None of the choices will stop players from finding love, which is also evident in Yang Sheng's attitude towards life-as he has said before, he chases uncertainty to reconcile his pessimistic view that everything is doomed. With this attitude, after finishing "finished!" I'm surrounded by beauties! After that, he chose to come to the new team and develop a new project with a completely strange colleague, which was still a secret, but he told me that he had had fun from it.

The same is true in the game, he tries to give players a sense of balance, so that players in a "must be able to attack the heroine" in the game to face a variety of trivial moments, with the choice of these moments, bring a different experience.

"We show so much randomness because it is absolutely necessary to give players something very certain in the end." Yang Sheng sees this as the human nature of longing for free will. Only when players have made choices will they understand that this is the girl of their own choice and will really understand that they want to spend more time with her. Then, they will get the reward and can go on forever in the cycle with this girl-- if they want to.

"in real life, whether our love can be answered-what means we have to love someone and how many pounds we have-we know very well and are sure. We can't use anything other than we imagine." "in the game, there will be all kinds of random events, which can provide us with all kinds of possibilities," Yang said. Can you imagine that you would take Zhong Zhen to drive a car in the office? "

There is no doubt that being loved is what Yang Sheng thinks of as "finished!" I'm surrounded by beauties! The best part of it, because it's the other way around in real life.

It is illusory and beautiful, but it makes people willing to pretend that it exists. In my impression, Yang Sheng is a rational man with deep depression, which is not obvious to the people around him, such as "finished!" I'm surrounded by beauties! Han Chao, the producer of Han Chao, only described him as "sticking to his own ideas", but behind this persistence, it was what he was trying to catch.

It's like he's "screwed! I'm surrounded by beauties! "after success, the attitude is the same, he believes:" the game is too successful in business, but it is a bit regrettable, resulting in covering up some of their own ideas. "

He tried to explain his principles to the screenwriter, sometimes "arguing with the screenwriter for a week, and then six people throw dice together, who listens to whom". When he got along with me, he also tried to explain to me these methodologies that sounded not so easy to understand.

These ideas are very important to him, and when I understand his ideas, he looks very excited. He wants more of his peers who develop interactive film and television games to know the design principles, and he hopes that through these design principles, players and audiences can "shape their own moments."

It was more like what he had in mind when he came to the gaming industry from the film industry. He told me that he worshipped Josef Fares, the executive producer of "two-for-two", and hoped to one day bring some new ideas to the gaming industry like each other.

To sum up, these ideas are only a mass of sincerity in emotional experience, some chaos from the nature of life, and the certainty that they will no doubt be loved. In Yang Sheng's eyes, they constitute "finished!" I'm surrounded by beauties! "all of it.

Yang Sheng is already preparing a new work (this article only represents the interviewees' personal creative thinking, not the opinion of the game.)

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