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Linux distribution Debian system is ready to stop supporting i386 architecture

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Coje_He for the clue delivery!, December 18, according to phoronix, at a recent small DebConf event in Cambridge, the Debian GNU / Linux distribution team held a spring meeting and identified a number of future projects, including stopping support for the i386 architecture.

The Debian release team decided that the Linux kernel, Debian installer, and Debian image team would "stop supporting i386 in the near future."

Debian developer Paul Gevers shared the following:

For now, we expect the kernel, dmuri, and the mirroring team to stop supporting i386 in the near future. Next, there are two routes that can run i386:

1. As a multi-architecture option on amd64 systems

2. As i386 chroot on another architectural system

We're not going to make i386 part of the architecture like Ubuntu. Arch:any will still contain i386, so everything will be built by default. Note: i386, also known as Intel 80386 processor, was launched in 1985, Linux system was born on i386 processor, but over time, most current Linux distributions have stopped supporting i386, the ancient processor architecture.

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