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Huawei's first overseas factory will be completed in France and is expected to start production by the end of 2025.

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Thanks to netizen Xiao Zhan for the clue delivery! According to news on December 10, Zhang Minggang, deputy general manager of Huawei France, said that Huawei's first overseas factory will be completed in France and is expected to start (production) by the end of 2025.

He said that construction work was progressing in an orderly manner, with the goal of "producing 1 billion equipment a year, providing 500 jobs, and planning to produce and supply the entire European market in France", with an estimated total investment of 200m euros ( Note: currently about 1.544 billion yuan).

In fact, Huawei announced in 2020 that it would build a new manufacturing plant in Brumat in the eastern region to produce mobile network technology products and provide technical solutions for European customers, and started construction in 2021, originally scheduled to start production at the beginning of this year.

According to the communique, the factory is located in a business park in Blumat, Lower Rhine Province, covering an area of about 8 hectares, with a planned investment of about 200 million euros and an estimated annual output value of 1 billion euros (currently about 7.72 billion yuan). 300 direct jobs will be created initially and 500 jobs will be created in the long term.

According to reports, the products produced by the new factory will be mainly supplied to the European region, realizing the overall coverage of the end-to-end industrial chain, such as research and development, sales, procurement, production, logistics, service, and personnel training, thus promoting the local upstream and downstream industrial chain in Europe.

A Huawei spokesman said the plant would make components for 4G and 5G base stations, including chipsets and motherboards. The products of the factory will be supplied to European customers. "by building a factory at the crossroads in Europe, Huawei will enrich its business in continental Europe through 23 R & D centers, more than 100 partner universities, more than 3100 suppliers and an effective supply chain."

Xinhua News Agency has previously pointed out that Huawei announced as early as 2019 that it would build its first European plant in France. After all, Europe was once Huawei's largest overseas market and was regarded by Ren Zhengfei as Huawei's second hometown.

According to data, Huawei entered the French market in 2003 and has set up six research centers and a global design center in Paris. Huawei said it had achieved sales of 2.5 billion euros in France by 2021, created nearly 10000 jobs and accounted for 20 per cent of the French telecom infrastructure market.

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