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Song Ziwei launches the first show of her ideal car career: OTA5.0 will usher in an upgrade in smart driving, smart space and intelligent extended range.

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Shulou( Report-- December 10 news, at the ideal car intelligent software conference held tonight, Song Ziwei, the former iQOO product manager, ushered in her debut after joining the ideal car. will bring you live text.

According to her, the ideal car has undergone 20 OTA upgrades in the past 14 months, and has even been launched through OTA with features such as ideal Magic blanket Air suspension 2.0, Mission Master, tuning Master, Sentinel mode, voiceprint recognition, Little Master mode and so on.

The OTA5.0 will be upgraded in three major aspects: smart driving, smart space and intelligent extended range, including: smart driving 3.0 (AD3.0), smart space 3.0 (SS3.0), intelligent extended range 3.0 (REV 3.0).

First of all, the ideal car brings the whole scene of intelligent driving that can be driven all over the country, covering all the intelligent driving from highways to urban ring roads to urban roads.

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