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Mark Gurman: Apple Vision Pro will be released soon, and retail staff training will begin in mid-January.

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Shulou( Report--, December 11, according to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple retail stores have begun preparing for the Vision Pro, which means the product is about to go on sale at a price of $3499 ( Note: currently about 25088 yuan).

Apple allegedly invited some retail employees to Cupertino, Calif., to train them on how to use and sell Vision Pro. The plan is to select a few people from each store to fly to headquarters for training, and then ask them to go back and teach them to others.

Apple had previously only told employees that the training would take place in early 2024, which was close to the launch of the Vision Pro.

According to Gurman, these seminars have now been arranged, and specific training activities will begin in mid-January next year, and each employee will need to receive two days of training.

He pointed out that the process of setting up Vision Pro will be very complicated and Apple doesn't want to screw it up. The device needs to be customized according to everyone's needs, and if not installed properly, it may eventually affect the user's experience. So Apple needs to carefully plan every step, including teaching retail employees how to approach customers and put devices on their heads.

It's worth mentioning that while customers can book Vision Pro online, users are more likely to buy it in brick-and-mortar stores, and Vision Pro was only available in the United States in the early days, and even at retail stores.

Apple's Vision Pro uses a micro-OLED screen with 2300 megapixels and a monocular resolution of more than 4K. The head mask and strap are lined and modular, and Apple says they can be bent to accommodate a variety of face and head shapes.

Apple's Vision Pro has an external battery that provides two hours of battery life, which can be connected through a "soft braided cable", so it can be put in a pocket when you use it; it carries the M2 chip and the brand new R1 chip, which is mainly responsible for transmission and uses the new operating system visionOS.

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