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Wenyuan Zhixing has won the self-driving license of T1 and M1 in Singapore, and has won the record of the fastest "license" of similar companies in the region.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past. news on December 11, Wen Yuan Zhi Guanwei posted a letter this morning, announcing that he had received a written notice from the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) to obtain a Class 1 Public Road Test license for Milestone 1 driverless vehicles (M1 license) and a Class 1 Special area Public path Test license for T1 Assessment driverless vehicles (T1 license).

This means that Wenyuan Zhihang's self-driving minibuses will be able to be tested on a wider range of open roads in Singapore, covering important areas such as One-North Weiyi Technology City and the National University of Singapore.

Singapore M1 license plates have "extremely stringent" acquisition conditions, covering the basic functions of self-driving, static obstacle identification, dynamic obstacle avoidance, vehicle safety redundancy, vehicle safety performance and other dimensions. vehicles need to complete the above projects accurately in the test site that highly restores the urban road traffic scene in Singapore.

According to reports, Wenyuan minibus arrived at the CETRAN self-driving vehicle Test and Research Center of Excellence in Singapore on August 28. This time, the company passed the test at one time and got a double license, which took three months and claims to have set a record for a self-driving company to win a license in Singapore.

Wenyuan Zhixing also said that the company has become the first and only technology company in the world to have self-driving licenses in China, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore at the same time. According to previous reports from, the United Arab Emirates announced the approval of its first self-driving road running license on July 3 local time and awarded it to L4 self-driving technology company Wenyuan Zhixing WeRide, the first national self-driving road running license in the Middle East and even in the world.

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