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The intrepid contract championship tournament CN League (VCT CN) was established, and ten long-term partner teams were announced.

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Shulou( Report-- December 11 news, "intrepid contract" game after the launch of the national service this year, e-sports event also "speed up the whip" to come.

In order to build and support the intrepid contract global e-sports tournament, the fist game launched the intrepid contract Championship Tour (VCT), an annual global championship tour made up of leagues and international events around the world, where professional teams can compete in leagues and Masters, with the goal of qualifying for the global championship of the intrepid contract.

The Intrepid Pact officially announced today that in 2024, the CN Division will officially become the fourth official League (VCT CN) of the VCT, alongside the existing Americas Division, Pacific Division and EMEA Division. This also means that from next year, the CN Division will be officially integrated into the intrepid contract e-sports global tournament system.

After full evaluation and consideration, with the delivery of the "exploder" token and welcome letter dedicated to long-term partners, ten long-term partner teams of VCT CN have been officially produced, the list of teams is as follows: AG, BLG, EDG, FPX, JDG, NOVA, TE, TEC, TYL, WOL.

2024 is the fourth official season of the intrepid contract Championship Tour (VCT) and will be the first year of the official start of VCT CN.

It is worth mentioning that in this month's TGA 2023 awards ceremony, "intrepid contract" won the best e-sports game award. Note: "intrepid contract" is a shooting competitive game, the official introduction said that this is a hero character as the core of the 5V5 tactical shooting free online game, using FPS classic "blasting mode" as the core game, players will incarnate different skills of tactical heroes, using different types of weapons and firearms to participate in the battle.

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