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AVIC: the first batch of mass-produced turboshaft-16 civil helicopter engines to be delivered to users

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Thank you, Mr. Air, a netizen of, for your clue delivery!, December 11, according to the official news of China Aeroengine Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Aviation Development"), the first batch of mass-produced turboshaft-16 engines were delivered to users on December 8, marking a key step in the industrialization of China's civil aero-engine products, fully demonstrating China's research and development strength and market ability in the high-tech field of civil aero-engines.

According to reports, the turboshaft-16 engine is the latest turboshaft engine in China that is developed and certified in strict accordance with the airworthiness regulations, with take-off power not less than 1240kW, weight not more than 223.5kg, fuel consumption rate (maximum continuous power state) not more than 294g / kW ·h, practical lift limit 6000 meters, high reliability, long refurbishment interval, and overall performance reaching the international advanced level.

According to query, the turboshaft-16 engine obtained the model certificate in October 2019 and the production license in March 2021, which can be equipped with 7-ton twin-engine helicopters such as AC352, which is widely used in search and rescue, offshore oil operations, personnel transportation, medical rescue, commercial charter and other fields.

In 2023, China Aviation Development Dong'an continued to anchor commercial success goals and planned to establish a civil aero-engine company as a platform for the industrialization of civil aircraft such as Vortex Shaft-16, attracting external resources to invest in civil aviation product research and development and industrialization.

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