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Le Orange cat's eye big screen face lock V7i-pro is on the market, and the dynamics of the house are under control.

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On December 6, Le Orange released a new product with screen video lock V7i-pro, which brings users a new smart home experience and protects security with hard-core technology. As a leading brand of domestic quality smart home, Le Orange pays close attention to the needs of users, adheres to the concept of product research and development of technological innovation, and has launched a large number of smart products well received by the market and recognized by the industry. The new smart lock released this time has a new upgrade in terms of security. on the basis of continuing the camera's 300W pixels, the indoor screen size has been upgraded to 4 inches, making the event viewing more convenient and clear. the hovering alarm video can be played back on the mobile screen and the local screen of the smart lock, so that the alarm can be timely and safely visible.

Wandering warning + 3D face recognition, "cool techs" blessing shows safety and reliability.

Door lock is the most important "first pass" for every family, and security is the top priority! Le Orange V7i-pro intelligent lock has multiple detection functions, such as wandering alarm, anti-pry alarm, trial alarm, anti-hijacking alarm and so on. Among them, the wandering alarm function uses millimeter wave radar and the leading AI humanoid detection technology to identify the stay and movement of the human body. When a suspicious person stays at the door for a long time, it will trigger the active defense mechanism of the system, wake up the camera module through AI, record and save the real-time picture and push it to Le Orange App to warn the user and guard the safety of the whole family.

In addition, Le Orange V7i-pro has 300W pixels and supports 3 meters of infrared night vision. It can clearly watch the situation outside the door day and night. The 4-inch local screen is not only capable of video playback, but also has the function of weather forecast and memo, which can remind you every time you go out and stop being a loser.

In the way of opening the door, Le Orange V7i-pro intelligent lock supports 3D structured light face recognition, which can resist the attack of photos, videos, masks, plaster dummies and other 2D and 3D forged information. In addition to face recognition, it also supports seven other ways to open the door, including fingerprint recognition, password, remote video, card, combination, Bluetooth key, etc., to meet a variety of user needs.

Strong endurance ability, showing extraordinary strength

The V7i-pro intelligent lock uses a dual-battery independent power supply system, in which an independent 5000mAh large-capacity lithium battery is responsible for the screen face video module to ensure that the user can have a stable and good experience, while the conventional unlocking module is completed by an independent 5200mAh high-capacity lithium battery, and the video module has no power and does not affect the normal use of unlocking methods such as fingerprint password cards. The two oversized batteries each perform their own functions, giving the V7i-pro smart lock "far ahead" strong battery life.

Moreover, Le Orange V7i-pro connects the door lock power information with App, so that users can check the power of the smart lock at any time, and can also receive a low battery reminder, so that they no longer have to worry about being unable to open the door without power. At the same time, the product also has a built-in 8GB EMMC memory chip to support 60-day video cycle coverage.

The sense of design and sense of security are both, deducing the beauty of high quality.

Le Orange V7i-pro intelligent lock adopts aluminum alloy + high-performance IML ink elegant black coating process, the lock body anti-dismantling, anti-prying, anti-smashing, anti-corrosion, to create a more advanced sense of large panel visual interface. At the same time, the "bridge" shape with unique floating panel design, so that the door lock has a good meaning of "connecting home and the world". Under skillful thinking, it highlights the excellent texture of the product. A high degree of integration creates a concise and atmospheric style, so that technology and art blend here, so that users can feel happy every time they open the door.

In addition to the particularity of the appearance process, V7i-pro uses excellent anti-destructive stainless steel lock body, excellent anti-pry performance C-class lock core, but also has the ability to resist strong magnetic interference and resist illegal intrusion, highlighting the height of Le Orange as a first-line brand.

For a long time, Le Orange adheres to the core concept of "family safety expert" and provides safe and convenient products and services for thousands of families. V7i-pro, the new product brought by Le Orange, will, like other products, use its unique innovative technology to bring consumers a different new smart home experience!

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