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The real industry-led folding screen mobile phone! Watch the star master Huawei Mate X5 big screen adaptation experience.

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On December 11, Huawei released several short films featuring a high-profile star, Wan Xi, and another star in the mobile circle, Huawei Mate X5 folding screen phone.

In the video, Wan Qian starts Huawei's Mate X5 folding screen phone in an elegant and confident way, and shares the adaptation experience of Huawei Mate X5 folding screen phone from the perspective of an ordinary user.

After the video of Wan Qian's use of Huawei Mate X5 folding screen phone was released, it immediately aroused the attention and heated discussion of netizens and fans. Some netizens said that Wan Qian and Huawei Mate X5 folding screen phone were a perfect match. Many netizens also said that the success of Huawei's Mate X5 folding screen phone is not just due to simple hardware configuration.

Dig deep into the pain points of the big screen application and experience the big screen experience. In the video, Wan Qian shares the large screen adaptation experience of Huawei Mate X5 to the audience through the life scene.

For example, Little Red Book, as the most representative product of social media App, Huawei Mate X5 optimizes the picture-text ratio of small Red Book so that the content is displayed in a three-column grid. Compared with the traditional straight-board mobile phone, this method has one more column and can display more content by making use of the advantage of large screen. Another example, Douyin App, takes advantage of the large screen, you can browse the video while watching comments, do not conflict with each other, the large screen experience is more immersive.

There are many similar applications, such as Weibo.

With the big screen support of Huawei Mate X5, after opening the Weibo app, users can browse Weibo hot search, entertainment hot search and important news hot search at the same time, all of which can be completely displayed on one screen.

This big-screen advantage is not limited to social media applications, but also video applications such as Youku and iqiyi.

After Huawei Mate X5 optimization, such as opening the video App home page, the horizontal video display banner will become smaller, and the banner will add some pictures of the previous and next video. After clicking on the video to enter the secondary playback interface, it is not displayed in the traditional upper and lower columns, but in the layout of the left and right columns: the top left is the video preview window, the bottom is the video introduction and selections, and the right side is left for video recommendations.

After being optimized by Huawei, every space on the screen will be fully utilized. When the video is played in full screen, the bullet screen will be displayed in a black blank area without blocking the video. Click on the window to chat, leave a message, and the video will be moved up as a whole, which will not conflict with the input method.

For example, double-column news, a screen can show more news content, the text is not dense, typesetting is more reasonable, reading is also easier; look at the stock, excellent telegram content column display, the left side shows the telegram content, the right side displays the stock information accordingly, the use efficiency has been significantly improved.

More importantly, using the advantage of folding screen, users can also experience a variety of hovering experiences, such as iqiyi / Mango TV / Daily Yoga and other watching App. In hovering mode, you can click on the video to enter the hovering state, which is used for video playback at the top, and the volume and progress are controlled at the bottom. The two screens are responsible for their respective duties and work together. There are also hovering photography, hovering fitness, hovering meetings, hovering to watch movies, and so on.

Details optimize and strengthen the folding interactive barrier, multi-device linkage to double the "giant screen" Huawei not only leads the ecological development of the folding screen industry, but also has been improving the interactive experience of details, constantly strengthening the experience barrier of folding large screen. For example, in terms of interaction, Huawei Mate X5 has upgraded a series of functions, such as adaptive UI engine, 3D dynamic weather screen off display, up and down / left and right split screens, intelligent multi-windows, and universal cards, to achieve the most convenient and efficient large screen experience for consumers.

Such as innovative multi-image comparison function, support for 2-4 arbitrary pictures in the image library to compare with the interface at the same time, users can slide around to select thumbnails to change thumbnails, providing users with a more convenient new path for image selection; internal and external double screens follow the expression. Gaze perception can interact with the Q interest image of the lock screen interface, making the phone more interesting and further enhancing the user's personalized experience when using Huawei Mate X5.

Huawei Mate X5 folding screen is also the industry's first folding screen phone that supports spaced gesture operation both inside and outside the screen. When immersed in the world of short videos, you no longer need to touch the screen, you can easily control the video to slide up and down and browse smoothly with a simple interspace gesture. Gestures can also quickly trigger the screenshot function, allowing you to capture wonderful moments at any time.

Through interesting hovering shooting, Huawei Mate X5 users can observe the world from different angles, using timing, smiley face or voice capture function, can free their hands, the advantage of hovering angle also allows us to switch different perspectives, look at the world from another perspective, and record more wonderful moments of life. For pet photographers, the new pet shooting algorithm on Mate X5 allows you to better capture details such as your pet's eyes, nose and hair.

Huawei Mate X5's excellent experience is also reflected in multi-screen interaction. Thanks to Hongmeng's distributed advantage, Huawei Mate X5 can double the "giant screen" with products such as Huawei's smart screen.

For example, Huawei Mate X5 with smart screen V5 Pro, which can become a "giant screen phone" in a second. 3 million + phones and tablet apps can be used on smart screens by remotely connecting phones to build super desktops, sending Huawei Share to smart screens and smart screen application markets. Huawei telepathy points to the remote control, through the UWB to achieve the remote control on the screen to achieve sliding, click, drag, circle selection, skip selection and other mobile phone control experience. When users pick up the telephony pointing remote control, they can play mobile apps on the smart screen and really enjoy the refreshing feeling of brushing the TV like a mobile phone on Huawei's smart screen.

Through the super projection screen, you can also project the ‏‏ content of learning and working ‏‏ in Huawei mobile phone onto the ‏‏ Huawei ‏‏ smart screen. Based on Hongmeng's distributed advantages, you can also use smart screen cameras and microphones. ‏‏ also supports the projection of content to TV, opening the use of a two-screen interface. For example, fitness scene, with Huawei Mate X5 use, V5 Pro cast screen big screen immersion while watching and learning.

In short, under Hongmeng's continuous innovation and optimization, the boundary between mobile phone and big screen is constantly being broken. Huawei's "whole family bucket" product portfolio, through joint innovation and optimization, to create a more intelligent, efficient and convenient full-scene intelligent life experience for users.

Behind the "magnification" of the large screen is also the doubling of the experience.

In the end, the excellent communication advantages of Huawei Mate X5 are also demonstrated in the video.

Wanqian browses Douyin as usual in the elevator, the signal is stable, unaffected by the elevator environment. With the help of telepathic communication function, Huawei Mate X5 brings the only communication experience that no one really has. For example, in weak signal scenarios such as high-speed rail, subway, elevator garage and so on, the super telepathic antenna allows you to achieve a more stable network connection. Huawei Mate X5 also supports two-way Beidou satellite news, never lost contact, two-way peace of mind.

In addition to the super communication ability, Huawei Mate X5 also has fashionable advanced "Phantom Purple" color matching, plain leather material with delicate and soft touch, "Universal Stargate" inspired design lens module, square and inclusive; and Black Tortoise toughened Kunlun glass outer screen, which increases scratch resistance by 300% and fall resistance by 100%. The inner screen of non-Newtonian fluid material achieves the anti-impact effect of "strong when strong, weak when weak". Ultra-perceptual XMAGE image to achieve full-focus coverage; IPX8 water resistance, but also allows users to easily deal with a variety of complex scenes.

In short, this time Huawei Mate X5 has brought a comprehensive experience upgrade, the only large screen interaction, stylish and advanced appearance also has excellent durability and anti-impact performance.

Huawei Mate X5 brings users the best, strongest and most powerful folding screen experience, which is one of the reasons why Wanxi can't put it down.

For the industry as a whole, Huawei Mate X5 is undoubtedly a benchmark product. It not only represents Huawei's achievements in R & D and innovation, but also a new standard in the whole folding screen field, and really leads the rapid development of the folding screen industry.

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