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New features of Samsung One UI 6.1 leaked: AI helps with picture editing, call translation, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- December 11 news, weekend, whistleblower Benit Bruhner Pro on social platform X leaked a lot of Samsung One UI 6.1 new features. Judging from the revelations, Samsung seems to have drawn a lot of inspiration from Google Pixel series and will introduce many new AI assistive features.

Specifically, One UI 6.1 will add the ability to generate AI wallpapers based on user input, which is very similar to the feature on Google Pixel 8 series. In addition, AI will also assist in image editing, where users can move objects in images, expand the range of photos, and even move objects from one image to another. notes that the Samsung Notes app will also welcome AI features, such as the ability to automatically format large blocks of text into easy-to-read bulleted lists, similar to the new summary feature in the Google Voice Recorder app.

For users who often communicate with overseas people, the new real-time call translation feature in One UI 6.1 is undoubtedly a boon. This feature enables real-time language translation during a call, allowing both parties to easily understand each other's words.

Another call improvement is the new Voice Focus feature in One UI 6.1, which eliminates background noise and provides a clearer call experience. This feature is similar to the Clear Calling feature on Google Pixel phones.

In addition to the above features, One UI 6.1 will bring many other improvements, including weather and portrait lock screen effects, enhanced battery protection, smoother animation effects and more.

Although the official release time of One UI 6.1 has not yet been announced, it is expected to debut with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series and be pushed to other Samsung phones one after another.

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