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Gaode taxi-hailing association and multi-local consumers association upgrade fare bodyguard service

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Shulou( Report--

On December 11, with the support and guidance of Beijing Consumer Association and Guangdong Consumer Council, Gaode taxi fare bodyguard service was officially upgraded. As an aggregation platform, Gaode car-hailing has realized the fare bodyguard service to cover all cooperative online ride-hailing platforms. The fare bodyguard can detect the fare in real time, actively find the fluctuation of the fare and remind consumers to pay attention to it. The unreasonable fare identified by the bodyguard, Gaud taxi-hailing promised to pay compensation for consumers in advance.

Fare bodyguards cover the whole platform to actively protect the rights and interests of consumers.

In September this year, Gaode taxi-hailing launched a fare bodyguard service. When consumers encounter common fare questions such as detour, non-bus deduction, overcharging, not ending billing in time, and starting billing in advance, fare bodyguards can identify fare fluctuations in real time, and take the initiative to dispel doubts and pay compensation to consumers. Up to now, the fare bodyguard service has covered all the online ride-hailing platforms of Gaode car-hailing cooperation.

Regardless of the call for a taxi in the early years, or the current mainstream mobile phone ride-hailing, consumers will inevitably encounter questions about fares when taking a taxi. In the past, the protection of consumers' rights and interests was based on consumers' complaints first and verification after the platform, which was passive protection afterwards.

Fare bodyguards creatively realize the active protection of consumers' rights and interests. Relying on Gaud's technical ability, the fare bodyguard can real-time detect the fare change caused by the change of driving route, road congestion and other factors, and check with the estimated fare.

Thus, before consumers find or complain, the fare bodyguards can take the initiative to find large fluctuations in fares and remind consumers to pay attention. If the fluctuation is reasonable, for example, if there is a traffic jam, the fare bodyguard will take the initiative to explain to the passengers the reasons for the fare change. The unreasonable fare identified by the bodyguard, such as the driver's detour, Gaud taxi-hailing promised to pay compensation for consumers in advance.

Gaud taxi-hailing data show that the proportion of active protection for fare bodyguards ahead of consumer complaints has reached 93%.

In addition, when consumers give feedback on a fare problem, the fare bodyguard will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the itinerary, and if there are other unreasonable charges, the fare bodyguard will take the initiative to pay for all unreasonable expenses. For example, if consumers only complain that the itinerary is overcharged for parking, and the bodyguard finds that the driver has also made a detour during the overall inspection, then the overcharged parking fee and detour fee will be compensated to the consumer.

Yang Xiaojun, vice president and secretary general of the Beijing Consumer Association, said that turning the protection of rights afterwards into proactive protection and compensation in advance is a new measure to fully protect consumers' rights and interests by means of scientific and technological innovation, which not only reflects the sense of corporate responsibility, but also enhances the consumer experience and escorts consumers.

Fare bodyguards push the online ride-hailing platform to estimate fares more accurately.

Gaud taxi-hailing is an aggregation model, which itself does not participate in pricing. Each ride-hailing platform sets its own price and synchronizes the billing rules to Gaud to show it to passengers. The estimated fare that passengers see each time they take a taxi is estimated by the online ride-hailing platform according to the passengers' starting and ending points and their respective billing rules.

As an aggregation platform, Gaode car-hailing will check the estimated fares of the ride-hailing platform and the actual fees paid by passengers by combining the map navigation capabilities and the billing rules of the ride-hailing platform. For the ride-hailing platform with poor accuracy in fare estimation, Gaode taxi-hailing platform will urge and push it to improve the accuracy of fare estimation. At the same time, Gaode car-hailing also publicizes this kind of ride-hailing platform to remind consumers, so as to better protect the rights and interests of consumers.

Fare bodyguard service is one of the measures for Gaode car-hailing and cooperative ride-hailing platform to create a reassuring platform and build a healthy ecology. Prior to this, Gao de cooperated with more than 100 ride-hailing platforms to build a benchmark service quality evaluation system and reshape industry service standards.

More than 100 ride-hailing platforms conduct monthly benchmark service quality evaluation in more than 30 cities, focusing on safety management, operational efficiency, ride experience, customer service guarantee, industry responsibility and other indicators. The top three monthly ride-hailing platforms in cities can get the "five-star platform" service tag. Gaode taxi-hailing promotes the improvement and transparency of service quality in the industry through service evaluation and publicity, so that service has become a multiple choice standard for consumers.

The Beijing consumers Association said that it will continue to pay attention to and support the efforts made by enterprises to protect the rights and interests of consumers and promote the healthy and orderly development of the ride-hailing industry.

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