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Huawei OceanProtect data protection new product launch is scheduled for December 20.

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Shulou( Report--, December 11, Huawei announced that it will hold the launch of new OceanProtect data protection products on December 20, and will launch OceanProtect data protection strategy and new products.

Zhou Yuefeng, vice president of Huawei and president of the data storage product line, said: data is not only the core factor of production in the digital world, but also an important driving force for the development of various industries. Data leakage, damage or loss will lead to business interruption, affect daily operation and production, and bring huge economic losses. Therefore, the establishment of a secure, reliable and efficient data protection system has become the key to deal with the challenges of data security.

Huawei OceanProtect data protection, around the whole life cycle of data, claims to achieve full disaster recovery of hot data, hot backup of warm data, warm archiving of cold data and intelligent fusion of the whole scene. inquiry found that Huawei has previously launched a number of OceanProtect backup all-in-one products, the new product is expected to improve in terms of specifications.

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