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Is the drinking water too simple? Xiao Xiong Electric Glacier Spring Water dispenser: drink strontium-rich mineral water at home

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Nowadays, with the gradual strengthening of health awareness, a group of "constituent parties" have gradually emerged among a new generation of young people. They begin to pay attention to the efficacy of the ingredients of the product, and regard the composition as an important factor in judging the quality of the product. Of course, drinking water is no exception. Compared with pure water with single nutritional value, mineral water rich in natural mineral elements is more popular among young people.

In addition to choosing water, drinking water also has knowledge. For example, water temperature, whether it is making tea, brewing milk, or cold soaking, hand brewing, it is very important to grasp the best temperature. But it is not easy to control the temperature. Sometimes the water boils and forgets, and it is already cold when I think of it. The demand of users is the innovation direction of Little Bear Electric Appliance. Starting from the user's pain point, Xiao Xiong launched the glacier spring water dispenser of Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance. Through technical and design breakthroughs and innovative functional experience, users can drink strontium-rich mineral water at home at any time.

Live a healthy life, start with a glass of strontium-rich mineral water

As we all know, human health is inseparable from minerals, in which strontium is an indispensable trace element of the human body, almost all tissues of the human body contain strontium, which is rarely known. As early as 1973, the United Nations World Health Organization confirmed to the world that the daily intake of strontium can have special effects on vascular diseases, hypertension, coronary heart disease, myocarditis, chronic arthritis, osteoporosis and other diseases. and has antioxidant, anti-aging, cosmetic effects. Thus it can be seen that long-term drinking strontium-rich mineral water is more conducive to health. However, most water purifiers on the market filter not only the impurities in tap water, but also strontium.

Xiao Bear Electric Appliance accurately captures the needs of users, links internal and external R & D resources, and launches Xiao Bear Electric Glacier Spring Water dispenser in coordination with innovation. Among them, the filter element of the drinking machine adopts the mineralization technology of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) to realize the remineralization of pure water, which can effectively release strontium, calcium and other elements, and keep the element content in dynamic balance within a certain range. meet the national limit standard of trace elements in natural drinking mineral water.

After solving the problem of water quality, the next step is to be able to drink water at the right temperature at any time. Presumably, you must have encountered a situation where you want to drink a glass of warm water, but it is too hot to drink, and the water is hanging there, and when you think of it, it gets cold again. Now, with Little Bear Electric Glacier Spring drinking fountain, there is no need to wait to achieve "hot and cold water freedom". For those who are in good health, they use rare earth thick film, that is, hot black technology, with stainless steel heat transfer conduit, the water flow swirls up, hot water can be produced in 1 second, and the water temperature can be adjusted within 45-100 ℃, which can be adjusted every degree to meet the different needs of water temperature at ordinary times. For young people who are keen on cool taste, they can quickly reduce the water temperature to 10-15 ℃ by using semiconductor strong condensation technology and built-in 0.5L cooling inner tank, which can restore the cold taste of the refrigerator and drink cool cold drinks at any time.

Innovative functional experience to inject convenience and refinement into life

In addition, based on the subdivided needs of young people's drinking water, Little Bear Electric Appliances provides young people with a more refined drinking experience through multi-dimensional innovation iterations such as function and quality.

In the eyes of young people, different drinks need to be paired with different temperatures of water in order to better restore the original taste. To this end, Xiao Xiong Glacier Spring water dispenser preset three fixed water, six commonly used water temperature setting, and intimate setting self-defined temperature, the ideal water temperature can be reached with one button. In this way, whether it is brewing milk powder, or DIY iced American coffee, or the afternoon tea break, there is the right temperature for choice. At the same time, the drinking fountain is also equipped with a 4L large capacity water tank to fully meet the daily drinking needs of the whole family.

For the consideration of cleaning, the performance of the glacier spring water dispenser of Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance is also excellent. I believe we all have such worries that the internal pipes of drinking fountains are not easy to clean and can be used for a long time, which is easy to breed bacteria and is very afraid of affecting the health of water. To this end, it is equipped with an one-button self-cleaning mode, which can easily clean the dead corner of pipeline sanitation, make cleaning and maintenance more convenient, and ensure clean and healthy drinking water at the same time.

Of course, without excellent quality assurance, no matter how much functional experience is empty talk. Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance has built a three-level R & D system, linking internal and external resources, and continuously injecting surging power into product innovation. At the same time, it has built five intelligent manufacturing bases, continued to deepen and strengthen the supply chain, and focused on improving production efficiency and production quality. In addition, Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance is also equipped with more than a dozen professional laboratories such as performance laboratory, electronic laboratory and material laboratory, as well as a large number of high-precision modern testing instruments, and has built a perfect standardized quality control system. Strictly abide by every hurdle of product experience.

In the new round of healthy consumption boom, if brands want to achieve greater growth potential energy, they must have a deep insight into the needs of users and meet the diverse life scenarios of users with differentiated products. At this point, Little Bear has set an example, through the continuous iteration of water purification categories, to provide new ideas for the development of the industry, so that healthy and good water can really enter thousands of households.

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