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Guangdong gives out 300 million yuan consumption coupons: up to 500 yuan per round. Registration is now open.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 11, Guangdong Province announced the issuance of 300 million yuan consumption coupons, all issued through WeChat Pay, a single user can receive up to 500 yuan discount per round, all users in Guangdong can sign up.

Consumption coupons are distributed by "booking registration and opening lottery online". The first round of registration has now begun:

Registration time: 18:00:00 on December 11 to 23:59:59 on December 14

Lottery opening time: 9:00:00 on December 16th.

Users can search on Wechat to enter "Guangdong consumption coupon" WeChat Mini Programs, click "subscription notice" or "sign up now" to participate in the event; they can also participate through the official Wechat account of "Guangdong Business" and "Guangdong Culture Travel". Click the relevant link to participate. reminds: the validity period of the first round of coupons is from December 16 to December 19 23:59:59. Remember to spend within the validity period if you get it.

Each round of activities, each user can get up to 4 different types of consumption coupons, namely: retail to store consumption coupons, catering to store consumption coupons, retail catering Mini Program consumption coupons, culture and travel consumption coupons, according to the type of consumption coupons, denomination to designated merchants for consumption.

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