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It is reported that TSMC's first chip factory in Japan was completed in late February 2024.

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Shulou( Report--, December 11, the United Daily News in Taiwan reported that the first plant being built by TSMC in Kumamoto Prefecture will hold an opening ceremony in late February next year, and the second quarter (April to June) will enter the final stage of production preparation.

It is reported that in addition to Wei Zhe's presence at the opening ceremony, senior Japanese government officials will also attend the opening ceremony and may formally announce the plan to build a second factory in the prefecture, which is currently under discussion.

▲ source: according to public information from TSMC, TSMC Kumamoto No.1 Plant plans to produce semiconductors with mature processes such as 12 nm and 22 nm. TSMC CEO Wei Zhe Jia said in October that the plant is expected to start mass production by the end of next year, and the Japanese government has decided to provide up to 476 billion yen ( Note: about 23.61 billion yuan) subsidy to the No.1 plant. In addition, TSMC plans to build a second plant in Kumamoto prefecture to produce 5nm chips.

Bloomberg also reported some time ago that TSMC had informed its supply chain partners that it was considering building a third chip plant in Kumamoto prefecture to produce advanced 3nm chips, codenamed TSMC Fab-23 III.

People familiar with the matter said it was not clear when the third plant would be built, but by the time the new plant went into mass production, 3nm might have lagged behind the latest technology by a generation or two.

▲ drawing source: TSMC

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