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The third-party music player App "Lyric adaptation" is permanently removed from the shelves and no longer provides services.

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Thanks to netizens Zhu, studio, dream and friends, infatuated with wind and sand, want to see you laugh, indecent and funny clues delivery! news on December 11, the third-party music player App "Lyric adaptation" posted that it would no longer be developed, and the App page showed that "at the request of the copyright party, App has been permanently removed from the shelves and no longer provides services."

This day has come after all. It's also time to break up.

It has been five years since winter came to spring. Five years later, have you grown up?

Remember the first time we met? At that time! We are still very simple, just like our names. Do you know? At first! We like the lyrics of the status bar, so we want to adapt the lyrics to Meizu's system music so that everyone can use them! Later, ah, slowly have downloaded songs, with the playlist login, have the most lovely you!

In fact, we always know from your feedback that you want to bring your own playlist, you want to turn it off regularly, and you want all kinds of functions to enrich this small room together. But we know that we won't last long after all. The copyright owners will always come, it's only a matter of time. And today is the last day.

Therefore, we do not develop, in addition to technical reasons, but also hope that you do not rely on us as far as possible, whether listening to music or life! Be independent! In the future! We are gone, remember to be happy and happy! noted that lyric adaptation App can help users download paid or VIP songs for free on some music platforms and supports downloads in multiple formats. The main function of the App is music search. Users can search music according to song names or lyrics. The speed of search and matching is very fast, and the size of the software is very small.

For the searched content, users can choose to listen to or download online, supporting standard, high-quality, lossless and other sound quality.

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