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Microsoft video editing tool Clipchamp ushered in new features, including AI automatic creation, AI text-to-voice

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Shulou( Report--, December 12-Microsoft acquired Clipchamp, an easy-to-use Web-based video editing tool, in 2021. Subsequently, Clipchamp was included in the Microsoft 365 personal Edition and Home Edition subscription program. Recently, Microsoft extended Clipchamp to the Microsoft 365Business Edition program and added the ability to import video clips from Xbox hosts.

In the latest update to the Microsoft 365 Insider blog, Microsoft outlines some of the new features that have recently been or are about to be added to Clipchamp. One of the new features is automatic authoring, and more information about this AI feature is available on the Clipchamp website:

Just upload your photos and videos, choose a video style, and have our AI create a professional-looking video that turns memories of your life events, trips or holidays into videos that stand out on social media. noted that Clipchamp has also added a content library tag to help users find material from free and paid libraries and add them to videos. The tag contains current and recently used content, as well as content classified by category. Users can also enter specific content they want to find, such as video, image, or audio clips of holiday themes.

Starting in early December, Microsoft launched a new feature for personal accounts that allows Clipchamp users to record 30-minute video and audio narrations. The blog points out two advantages that this feature will bring to users: "creating a narration and adding automatic subtitles is much faster than creating text from scratch. Using a separate narrator track, you can update and edit the narration without editing the entire video."

Finally, personal account users can now use AI-based text-to-voice dubbing, and users can also change the language, voice, emotion and tone of AI voice in the application. This feature will be added to Microsoft business accounts in early 2024.

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