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Post-90s Hongmeng developers "knock on electronic wooden fish and practice cyber merit"

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Shulou( Report--

Electronic wooden fish continue to dominate the network, knock "electronic wooden fish", accumulate "network merit" has become a new way of decompression for contemporary young people. Why can electronic wooden fish be so popular? The underlying reason is that young people are under great mental pressure. From the troubles of life and the confusion of the workplace, it is difficult for young people to completely relax in a state of anxiety, giving birth to a variety of "Buddhist" decompression products with simple operation, and electronic wooden fish is one of them.

In the face of the homeopathic Buddhist decompression tuyere, the playful and trouble-making Zhou Yongqi, a post-90s Hongmeng developer, quickly found the momentum of "light decompression" and wanted to release pressure and relieve anxiety in a more convenient and interesting way, so he took a post-95 team to develop and launch the "Light wooden Fish" meta-service based on HarmonyOS.

Hongmeng developer Zhou Yongqi

"the room for creativity on the traditional platform is limited, and meta-service is presented in the form of a 'card', which can be directly added to the table, installation-free, one-click direct access, and cross-terminal, so we have better room to play." Under the premise of not downloading and installing App, you can tap the wooden fish on the desktop and play as you like, making the wooden fish more "light".

"Light wooden Fish" also sets a variety of custom switches, and users can switch the skin and background pattern of the wooden fish according to their preferences. Knock once and add "merit" once. Through the exaggerated card merit accumulation style, it not only relieves users' inner anxiety, but also adds a different kind of interesting experience. As soon as the "Light wooden Fish" meta-service is launched, the number of monthly active users soon exceeds 4 million, and the cumulative number of users is more than 10 million, which is really "far ahead", and the development only took a week.

"Light wooden Fish" meta-service

However, for a new product, how to balance the unknown resource cost has become a new problem that Zhou Yongqi urgently needs to solve. When hitting the wooden fish, the number of requests will increase, especially under the scenario, the interesting tapping experience contributes to the increase of the number of requests, and at the same time, the number of requests decreases when the traffic is low, so it is difficult to accurately estimate the data of the number of requests. There is a consumption of resource costs every day.

Zhou Yongqi said: "what I remember very clearly is that when the typhoon came, I found that the proportion of light wood fish in the coastal area suddenly increased. For traditional servers, in fact, their ability to withstand pressure is unbearable. Need to temporarily increase the server, which involves the cost is very high."

Under such circumstances, Zhou Yongqi tried to crack it with HUAWEI AppGallery Connect's cloud development service. After installing the cloud function and cloud database, the resource cost of the "light wood fish" meta-service has been saved by 96% in only one month, and it takes only 6 days to improve the workload of interfacing to one person. The team also uses HarmonyOS SDK's Huawei account, Huawei Analytics and other open capabilities to improve development efficiency and user experience.

Zhou Yongqi said: "Hongmeng Ecology is really suitable for a development team like ours. Hongmeng has given us strong support, and we developers can better create some interesting or popular applications that are like a fish in water. Enjoy it!" Now Zhou Yongqi leads the team members to devote themselves to Hongmeng Ecology and is committed to creating a series of practical and playable applications or meta-services in Hongmeng Ecology.

Zhou Yongqi said: "next we will go online 'small card to calculate housing loans' and 'don't stop'. In addition, we have a lot of great ideas that we hope to achieve one by one with more like-minded friends."

As a developer of Hongmeng, Zhou Yongqi feels that the most fulfilling thing is to follow Hongmeng step by step from 2001 to 2001 and bring his ideas into play on HarmonyOS. Not only that, his goal is to make more good products and be able to achieve Number One. It is this courage and courage that enables Zhou Yongqi to achieve success, turn the results into endless motivation and motivation, and dare to meet new challenges.

Hongmeng, a hot land, is permeated with vigor and vitality, the spark of wisdom and the joy of victory. Many young and promising post-90s and post-1995 Hongmeng developers like Zhou Yongqi have shown extraordinary strength, run after dreams with passion and creativity, and play differently.

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