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Li Jie responded to the "gap" and "dispensing" of the one plus 12 mobile phone: it is not a problem of quality or design, open a green channel for return and exchange.

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Shulou( Report--, December 12 news, recently, some netizens published that there are "cracks" and "dispensing" and other manufacturing conditions in one-plus-12 mobile phones, causing a heated discussion on the Internet.

At noon today, Li Jie, president of one plus China, made an official response, saying that "it is not a quality or design problem" and promised that customer service would be asked to open a green channel and that replacements or returns would be responded as soon as possible.

Yesterday afternoon, Lu Weibing, partner, president of Xiaomi Group, president of the international department and general manager of the Redmi brand, also commented on the incident, saying that the reason is that its quality standard is looser than Redmi, that is, the width of this "gap" is in line with its internal quality control standards.

Li Jie also refuted this claim in his latest response, saying that "some brand executives often maliciously mislead the public, which is a very rare bad behavior." with the full text of Li Jie's response:

After the release of one plus 12, the first sale received a lot of attention yesterday, with a lot of users' voices, some likes and worries, and some users also privately trusted me on Weibo. I have seen that we attach great importance to users' voices and have an in-depth understanding of the situation for the first time. For users who follow one plus 12, let's give a quick answer:

1. It's not really a matter of quality or design.

The battery cover, lens module and middle frame of one plus 12 mobile phone involve three kinds of materials, and the curved surface design is used in some positions. The overall camera Deco has two functions: first, beautiful, second, fusion antenna, greatly enhance the mobile phone signal. This design has nothing to do with waterproof and dustproof. Waterproof and dustproof is a sealing process and waterproof coating made inside the phone.

Due to the different thermal expansion and cold shrinkage coefficients of different materials and the needs of mass production, any mobile phone will reserve a certain tolerance to prevent it from breaking. At the same time, in order to make the whole beautiful, the mainstream flagship machine will generally use the glue wiping process commonly used in the industry.

I can make a promise: if you do not like it after receiving the phone, I have asked the customer service to open a green channel, exchange or return will be the first time to respond, we do not have to worry.

two。 It is suggested that competitors compare their products openly and openly, and do not engage in small tricks in malicious competition.

Some brand executives often maliciously mislead the public, which is a very rare bad behavior, especially when it makes them "treasure", dare not compare the strength of the product, only dare to make small moves. Clearly, a competitor is worried about threatening its flagship product. In response to some rumors and rumors that are false at first glance, we have also taken relevant actions and achieved positive results.

So finally return to this product, if you like one plus 12, then rest assured to start, do not like it can also be returned or exchanged for 7 days without reason. If you choose other products, we will continue to strive to win your favor. I am full of confidence in the power of one plus 12 products, and good products can talk.

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