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The battle for 2nm began, and it was reported that Samsung challenged TSMC's position with a low-price strategy.

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Shulou( Report-- December 12 news, TSMC and Samsung both plan to start mass production of 2nm process chips in 2025, and the early battle between the two sides has begun.

According to the British Financial Times, Qualcomm plans to transfer some of the orders for the next generation of high-end mobile phone chips from TSMC to Samsung's 2nm process.

Photo Source: Laura Ockel / Unsplash reported that TSMC has demonstrated the 2nm process prototype test results to Apple, Nvidia and other major customers, while Samsung has also launched the 2nm prototype, and will offer lower prices in order to attract well-known customers, including Nvidia. learned from the report that Qualcomm's next generation of flagship chips will use Samsung's "SF2" (2nm) process. As the first company in the world to mass-produce 3nm (SF3) chips last year, Samsung was also a pioneer in the use of a new fully surrounded gate (GAA) transistor architecture.

Samsung said, "We have fully deployed and can mass-produce SF2 in 2025. Since we are the first company to enter and transform the GAA architecture, we hope that the progress from SF3 to SF2 will be relatively smooth."

However, according to industry insiders, the yield of Samsung's most basic 3nm chip is only 60%, far lower than customer expectations, and it is also unable to control Apple's A17 Pro or Nvidia GPU chip very well, and the yield will decline further after the complexity increases.

Global giants such as Qualcomm and NVIDIA follow diversified foundry strategies but still rely heavily on TSMC. Earlier, Colette Kress, Nvidia's chief financial officer, hinted at UBS's global technology conference that Nvidia might consider letting Intel produce its next-generation chips, possibly breaking away from its exclusive partnership with TSMC on AI chips.

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