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The main equipment of China's first high-energy synchrotron radiation light source storage ring is installed with a closed loop, and the light emitted is 1 trillion times brighter than the sun.

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Thanks to netizens and listen to the clue delivery of the next decomposition! December 12 news, learned from official account of the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the last magnet of the high-energy synchrotron radiation light source (HEPS) storage ring, a major national scientific and technological infrastructure, was installed yesterday, marking the installation of a closed loop for the main equipment of the HEPS storage ring.

HEPS started construction in June 2019, at present, has completed the linear accelerator, intensifier beam, storage ring magnet, machinery, power supply, precollimation system to take the lead in completing all the development tasks, vacuum, beam control, injection extraction, high frequency, low temperature and other equipment and beamline station batch processing testing work is under intense progress, the first beam is expected to be emitted in 2024.

The HEPS storage ring is an ultra-low emittance electron ring accelerator with a circumference of about 1360.4 meters. It is the third largest light source accelerator in the world and the largest accelerator in China. The area of the ring is about 20 football fields, which is used to store high-energy and high-quality electron beams and generate synchrotron radiation light. Pan Weimin, chief commander of the HEPS project, pointed out that as the core component of China's first fourth-generation synchrotron radiation device, the storage ring is the part with the largest scale, the highest development accuracy and the most difficult components of the HEPS. It consists of 48 improved hybrid 7BA (7-bend iron dispersion elimination) magnetic focusing structure cycles, each cycle length is about 28 meters, including 37 magnets and brackets and other main hardware equipment. Ultra-high gradient quadrupole magnets, power digital controllers, high-precision current sensors, high-stability magnet support and other equipment have reached the international advanced level.

Lin Guoping, chief technician of HEPS, said that in order to ensure accuracy and efficiency, after the processing and testing of each system equipment, the precollimation unit was assembled in the laboratory, and the placement accuracy of the magnet on the precollimation unit bracket was better than 30 microns before it could be transported to the storage ring tunnel for installation. According to the different number of magnets, each precollimation unit weighs about 1.7 to 8.5 tons. The installation team is faced with difficulties such as heavy equipment, dense tunnel equipment, and can not affect the precollimation accuracy. In order to better complete the installation task, the team designs customized crane and tooling in advance, organizes process installation experiments, optimizes the transportation scheme, checks the equipment interface, installation and operation space, and finally confirms the batch installation plan. It lays the foundation for efficiently promoting the tunnel installation of the storage ring. Since the beginning of February this year, the storage ring has started the installation of tunnel equipment, and each system has cooperated closely with each other, and the installation scheme has been dynamically adjusted according to the progress of equipment development. after 10 months, the installation of main equipment such as 288 pre-collimating units, 240 bending to bipolar magnets and 288 bases has been completed, and the installation closed loop of the main equipment has been realized.

HEPS is a major national scientific and technological infrastructure approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and built by the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is the core device of Beijing Huairou Science City. When completed, it will become the first high-energy synchrotron radiation source in China and one of the brightest fourth-generation synchrotron radiation sources in the world, which can emit light 1 trillion times brighter than the sun. It is helpful to analyze the material microstructure and evolution mechanism at a deeper level, and provide a high-tech research platform for promoting China's national development strategy and the original innovation capability in the field of basic science and technology.

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