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The trailer has hidden secrets, and Hideo Oshima's new book "OD" quotes the game "Silent Hill".

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Shulou( Report-- December 12 news, Hideo Kojima attended the TGA 2023 awards ceremony held a few days ago and shared the latest trailer of his new film "OD".

Reddit community players dig deep into the "OD" trailer and find that the "Silent Hill" game is quoted in the trailer.

In this video, Kojima Studio invited German actor Udo Kier to play, and in the artist's video monologue, the word "ATAMI" appeared in the mouth.

The letter An in the 37th second, the T in the 40th second, the other An in the 42nd second, the M in the 44th second, and the last letter I in the 50th second.

The letters are difficult to read, and players analyze them frame by frame to find five of the above words, which represent Rehai in eastern Shizuoka prefecture, Japan, while Shizuoka also means Silent Hill. previously reported that the game, launched by Kojima Studios and Microsoft Xbox Game Studios, is expected to be a mysterious project previously announced. In addition, the game will use Microsoft's cloud technology, but did not give details.

"with the changes in Microsoft's cutting-edge cloud technology and industry trends, it is now possible to challenge yourself to create this unprecedented concept," said Hideo Oshima. "it will take some time, but I look forward to working with Xbox Game Studios and bringing you some exciting news in the future."

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