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Ultra Ultra melting screen won the Innovation Technology Award of the year

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Shulou( Report--

High matching super melting screen of the system

Subverting the industry is highly new.

Check immediately out of the box

Convenient delivery to welcome.

The screen is the system with multi-function

The adaptability is strong and stable.

To win the prize, you still need to be modest.

Innovative and enterprising non-stop.

On December 6, the 19th China Audio and Video Industry Conference (AVF) and the presentation ceremony of "Science and Technology Innovation Award" was held in Beijing. "Super melting screen, screen Integration Innovation Technology" won the Innovation Technology Award of the year. The award was first awarded in 2008 and is currently the only audio and video industry recognition project filed by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

This technology was applied in the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou. Stepping into the headquarters of a security base in the Asian Games, what comes into view is an ultra-high resolution display screen with an area of more than 70 square meters, showing various business information such as duty, police situation, police force, intelligence, early warning, public opinion, etc. This is the first time that Ultra melting screen has been used in the protection of large-scale events, and it has become an important part of the security system of "precision intelligent control, three-dimensional prevention and control" in the Asian Games.

The "super-melting screen" system connects the common business elements in the process of security command and scheduling with the overall security system of the Asian Games, and meets the needs of information fusion display and command scheduling fusion and communication scheduling applicable to the whole process of security emergency process. a public security intelligent fusion large screen display command and dispatching platform with benchmarking effect is created.

A convenient system to operate and deliver. With only one click, you can quickly enter this super-melting screen system that integrates display and control functions, and you can quickly switch different security business scenarios with just a mouse click. This is thanks to the "screen-as-a-system fusion innovation technology" of Visuon, which reduces 7 or 8 products with different functions from the component level to the chip level and integrates them into the board, thus realizing the extreme simplification of the complex system and building a highly integrated "integrated" LED display and control system. The system can be "checked and accepted immediately out of the box", redefining the application and delivery mode of the LED large screen system. It directly reduces the cost and time for partners in installation, delivery, and so on.

The whole set of super-melting screen system is suitable for other security systems and equipment. The large screen control software supports the simultaneous control of two sets of LED displays in the synthetic battle hall, which is compatible with the original distributed system and high-definition visual command system, and can arbitrarily call distributed signals (including warning civil customs, coastal defense, 110command hall, synthetic combat hall, monitoring platform, etc.) on the large screen display. It supports docking with the public security multi-dimensional data fusion application platform, and can decode all the video point information in the platform. It supports 48 channels of 1080p HD image output and 8 channels of 4K HD video output display. The system is highly autonomous and controllable and fully compatible, which not only achieves the best overall performance of the system, but also has high reliability.

The successful application of super-melting screen in the security of the Asian Games reflects the leadership of "screen is the system integration of innovative technology", which can better meet the needs of users to centrally manage and monitor all kinds of business data and information, so as to make business decisions in a timely manner and deal with emergencies.

At present, the super-melting screen has been applied in many fields, such as transportation, public safety, energy, environmental protection and ecological resources, manufacturing and so on. On July 19, during the Beijing InfoComm China 2023 exhibition, the super-melting screen won the "Best of Show" Best Technology Award for its excellent feature of "subverting the product delivery form of the industry to create a new height of control room application". At the 20th China Internet of things Industry Conference held on December 7, Chaorong screen won the "Intelligent Security Innovation Product Award" again.

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