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Lenovo launches open TWS headset TC3401: Bluetooth 5.3, DT 5.0directional voice transmission, 269RMB

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! According to on December 12, Lenovo recently set up a hanging ear bone conduction headset TC3401 on the e-commerce platform, featuring Bluetooth 5.3 chip and DT 5.0. it has three color options, superimposed "299 yuan minus 30 yuan cash coupon" and got 269 yuan.

▲ source Lenovo official flagship store

According to the official flagship store of ▲ Touyuan Lenovo, the headset uses DT 5.0directional sound transmission technology, which can greatly reduce sound leakage; it is equipped with 16.2mm diaphragm unit to support double-phone ENC calls to reduce noise; it has IPX5 class dustproof and waterproof, allowing sports in rainy days.

▲ source Lenovo official flagship store

▲ Touyuan Lenovo official flagship store life, this headset mono phone battery life for 10 hours, with a charging box with a total battery life of 30 hours, fast charging 15 minutes can play 60 minutes of music.

The parameters of headphones attached to ▲ source Lenovo's official flagship store are as follows:

▲ source Lenovo official flagship store Lenovo Bluetooth open headset TC3401 stack "full 299 minus 30 yuan coupon", get 269 yuan direct link

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