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GAC Ean P58 microcrystal superenergy battery offline: life is more than 1.5 million km, phosphorus iron continues to exceed 700km

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past. news on December 12, GAC Eanpai battery intelligent ecological factory was completed, and released a new breakthrough in magazine battery 2.0-- P58 microcrystal super battery, which is known as "ultra-high safety, no needle smoke, no fire, and the core temperature rise < 1 °C". noted that the lifetime of P58 microcrystalline superenergy cell is more than 1.5 million km, the lifetime of ferrophosphate is higher than 700km, and the energy density of the whole package is 146.5Wh/kg. In 2026, the all-solid-state battery will be mass-produced on the Yinpai production line and will be the first to be installed in the Haopin brand model.

It is understood that Yinpai battery intelligent ecological factory is the last jigsaw puzzle of GAC Ean energy ecological closed loop, using 1056 safety processes, single-line production capacity of 6GWh, annual reduction of 25000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

GAC GROUP established Yinpai Battery Company in August 2022 to carry out independent battery industrialization construction, with a total investment of 10.9 billion yuan; in December 2022, Yinpai Battery Technology Co., Ltd. located in Guangzhou Automobile Zhaolian New Energy vehicle Industrial Park officially started construction, with plans to build the 36GWh production line by 2025; on September 15 this year, Yinpai battery production line was successfully completed for the first time, indicating that Yingpai battery factory has officially entered the equipment commissioning stage.

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