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Equipped with Wenxin word, equipped with super AI chip! Xiaodu launched Tian Tian Intelligent Fitness Mirror S40

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The application of large model technology is promoting home smart devices to be more intelligent and diversified. Recently, the national intelligent technology brand Xiaodu launched a new generation of fitness mirror products-add intelligent fitness mirror S40, equipped with Baidu Wenxin big model, to create a "test, fix, answer" trinity AI precision training model, can bring a full range of exercise ability analysis, so that users know more about themselves It can also make more targeted fitness plans and provide professional fitness knowledge questions and answers according to the different needs of users. At the same time, add smart fitness mirror S40 light size, light size, small Huxing can also fit, you can do whatever you want.

With the blessing of Wenxin's ability, AI fitness is more accurate and intelligent.

Based on Baidu Wenxin's AI super ability and small assistant, add intelligent fitness mirror S40 can accurately understand the user's basic physical conditions and sports goals in the interaction, so as to customize its own training plan, so that the training effect can be doubled with half the effort. For example, if users "want to practice a vest line", adding intelligent fitness mirror S40 will more specifically increase the training content of waist and abdomen in the fitness program to help users achieve their exercise goals as soon as possible.

With the blessing of large model ability, Tiantian Intelligent Fitness Mirror S40 is also a professional fitness and nutrition consultant, which can not only answer users' diet questions and exercise questions, but also according to users' training volume and exercise feedback. calculate the time limit of distance to achieve exercise goals and enhance users' confidence in fitness.

There are all kinds of fitness courses, which are suitable for the whole family.

Add intelligent fitness mirror S40 built-in massive fitness resources, including yoga, aerobics and Liu Xiehong exclusive customized AI aerobics, etc., with thousands of professional courses reserve, effective for different age, gender and shaping, fat loss, muscle and other different exercise needs of the whole family.

There are also game-based fitness models, including aircraft wars, parkour and other super somatosensory games, which are very interesting and comprehensively pry users' interest in fitness, supporting multiple modes of single-person, double-parent-child, and online games, burning fat while playing games. Help users develop fitness addiction and bid farewell to procrastination.

Add intelligent fitness mirror S40 to set up independent zones for young children, such as physical fitness improvement, sports standards, aesthetic education, etc.; and rich square dance teaching and Baduan brocade, Taijiquan, health preservation, Wuquan opera, meditation and other courses for elders, to assist elderly users to maintain health, quiet and mental health, so as to make the body healthier.

In addition, add intelligent fitness mirror S40 exclusive AI fitness live function, the family space will become super high thousand people online gym. During the live broadcast, users can follow and practice with the gold medal fitness coach in real time, and through AI detection, the screen will display the training score and update the ranking in real time. As long as the system goal is reached, the live broadcast can be triggered and everyone can like you. Users can also directly call "Xiaodu, send + what you want to say" and send on-screen comments to coach and teammates to improve the exercise effect.

In addition, Tim Intelligent Fitness Mirror S40 is also a family entertainment center with functions such as singing and listening to music, with built-in mainstream software such as QQ Music, Kuwi Music, KuGou Music and other mainstream software. the massive genuine music library resources fully meet the music needs of the whole family to "sing and listen to whatever you want".

Nowadays, family fitness has become a more popular way of exercise for the public. Xiaodu continuously arranges family fitness scenes and continuously launches a series of intelligent fitness mirror products to further stimulate public fitness interest. so that every user can fall in love with sports and be willing to exercise through a "mirror". With the maturity of large model technology, Xiaodu also took the lead in combining Baidu Wenxin, the world's leading AI large model technology, with its innovative products to bring a more convenient and efficient home sports experience.

At present, Tim Intelligent Fitness Mirror S40 has opened pre-sale through all channels, such as the official Mall, small 's own flagship store, Tmall, and so on, and opened a time-limited activity "you exercise, add the bill": during the activity period, after purchasing and activating the intelligent fitness mirror, 1000 yuan in cash will be returned for 300 days of effective fitness in a year. Welcome to buy and participate.

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