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Smart hardware accounts for 20% of the vehicle cost and accounts for more than 40% of global Orin shipments.

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Shulou( Report-- December 12 news, Weilai Automobile Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. vice president @ Bai Jian NIO micro bo article about Weilai cost, he is responsible for intelligent hardware roughly accounted for 20% of the vehicle cost.

For the two parts of self-driving (two Orin versions)+ digital cockpit 8295, he said that compared with his peers in Tier1 in the industry, the cost of Weilai was reduced by 30%. There are two main reasons:

Self-study, no need for gross profit. As long as we ensure that the annual cost savings are much greater than the team and R & D expenses (the expenses are included in the R & D expenses and do not affect the gross profit of the whole vehicle); in terms of design ability, many top Tier1 peers are equally excellent. But the better the team, the more they need gross profit to nourish;

We develop the whole stack ourselves, and the architecture can be optimized. In terms of design indicators, we know best which ones can be chosen.

White Sword NIO also said that at present, Orin's domain control (number) cumulative shipments, Weilai is still the world's first, accounting for 40% of all Orin shipments worldwide. reported earlier that in the upcoming Banyan 2.3.0 version, Weilai enhanced navigation assistance NOP + was officially renamed "Global Navigation Assistance NOP+"(hereinafter referred to as NOP+) and provided users with a global navigation experience covering high speed, Urban area and power-switching scenarios.

NOP + supports vehicles to independently complete driving tasks such as intersection passage, navigation lane change, overtaking lane change, detour vehicles, etc. on roads in Urban area according to set navigation routes, and has the ability to avoid safety in the face of construction areas, abnormal obstacles and other scenes, providing point-to-point assisted driving experience connecting ground roads with urban expressways and expressways.

Ren Shaoqing, vice president of R & D of Weilai Intelligent Driving, said that Weilai is confident to complete 250,000 kilometers of Urban area pilot route verification by the end of the year, covering 200 cities; by the second quarter of 2024, 400,000 kilometers of Urban area pilot route verification will be completed, covering more than 230 cities. This means that 96% of Weilai users will be able to connect to the network in their resident cities.

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