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Intel Xeon W9-3595X processor revealed: 64 core, released early next year

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Shulou( Report-- November 23 news, Intel this year launched the Xeon WMI 3400 series of workstation processors, the flagship model is the W9-3495X556 core 112 thread specification. According to the latest revelation of "Moore's Law Is Dead", the new Xeon Wmai 3500 series processor will be the Refresh model of the Wmai 3400 series, but the number of cores will increase, and the W9-3595X will reach 64 cores and 128 threads.

According to the source, the Xeqiang WMel 3500 series workstation processors will have a higher performance-to-price ratio, it will be easier to overclock the 5GHz, and the main frequency will be higher than that of the previous generation. The new Xeon WMY 3500 and WMY 2500 series processors are expected to be released in January-February next year, possibly in February-March.

The parameters of the workstation processor of IT House are as follows:

L3 cache up to 105 MB for enhanced performance and data management

Supports 8-channel DDR5 RDIMM memory with capacity up to 4TB and provides higher memory bandwidth for large datasets and memory-intensive loads

Support for ECC memory and RAS technology to improve the integrity of critical data and system reliability

The Zhiqiang WMY 3400 has up to 112 PCIe Gen 5.0channels from CPU and up to 64 QWMY 2400s, which can be used for multiple GPU, SSDs and NICs.

Integrated Wi-Fi 6e

Full overclocking for unlocked processors is supported. found that it also supports memory overclocking features including DDR5 XMP 3.0 RDIMM

The third generation Intel deep learning acceleration (AMX, Bfloat16) is adopted to provide more efficient deep learning acceleration for artificial intelligence training and reasoning.

Intel vPro Enterprise technology is used to enhance hardware security, firmware version control and remote manageability so that the system can be easily deployed to the enterprise environment

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