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The first MUNIK seminar on autopilot and chip functional safety was held in Shanghai.

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On December 8, 2023, the first seminar on autopilot and chip functional safety sponsored by Shanghai Secco Technical Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as MUNIK) was successfully held at SUNING Global Wanyi Hotel in Shanghai. Because of its high-quality technology sharing, the seminar attracted more than 100 practitioners from domestic and foreign mainframe factories, first-and second-class parts suppliers, testing and certification institutions, universities and scientific research institutes, including DEKRA Dekai, Su Shiyite, Parasoft, Hehe Industrial soft, Horizon and other automotive industry upstream and downstream.

Photo 1: speech by Zhao Hao, General Manager of MUNIK

Zhao Hao, general manager of MUNIK, delivered a welcome speech for the seminar. Taking the development of functional safety in China and some major projects experienced by MUNIK as the line, he shared with the participants the changing trend and understanding of functional safety in the whole automotive field as a practitioner in the field of functional safety.

In recent years, the smart car industry is supported by the national industrial policy. In order to speed up the development of self-driving technology, the state has issued a number of policies to encourage the development and innovation of the smart car industry. The proposal for the Development of the Automobile Industry in the 14th five-year Plan points out that we should give full play to the leading role of the automobile market in a big country, open up a new situation of globalization of the automobile industry, and strive to achieve steady growth in the automobile market and the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry to high-quality development through the efforts made during the 14th five-year Plan period, so as to lay a solid foundation for building a strong automobile country by 2025. The technological innovation, industrial ecology, infrastructure, regulations and standards, product supervision and network security system of China's standard intelligent vehicles have been basically formed.

With the increasing intelligence of the automobile, the proportion of software in the automobile continues to increase, and the software architecture and computing requirements can not be separated from the support of hardware chips. At the beginning of product design, autopilot and chip R & D enterprises need to integrate functional security and information security, and chip designers need to take into account the AECQ test specifications at the same time.

Photo 2: Mr. Gerhard M. Rieger, Senior Vice President of DEKRA Dechai functional Security, delivers a speech.

At this MUNIK seminar, Mr. Gerhard M. Rieger, Senior Vice President of DEKRA Dechai functional Security, shared with you the topic of "the status quo and challenges of functional Security and Network Security". Gerhard demonstrated the number of deaths in road traffic accidents around the world every year. Vertical comparison found that German enterprises in the strict functional safety requirements, effectively reduce the number of road traffic deaths. With the development of self-driving technology, he also raised concerns because hackers will attack different levels of vehicles. Gerhard proposed that the integrated development of functional security, network security and SOTIF expected functional security can build a road safety defense system without death or serious injury.

Figure 3: functional Safety and Automotive Product Line Manager Martin Fan gives a speech

Figure 4: Bella Song, manager of semiconductor product line, gives a speech.

Martin Fan, functional safety and automotive product line manager of MUNIK, and Bella Song, semiconductor product line manager, shared the topics of "experience sharing of Munik in Automotive and Semiconductor" and "practice of FMEDA in Chip Design". The lecture was guided by international standards, combined with the case of MUNIK in automotive and semiconductor functional safety practice, the methods were summarized, and the specialties and capabilities of MUNIK multi-angle enabling enterprises were demonstrated. Won the praise of the guests.

Figure 5: Zhang Bin, Horizon Autopilot Safety architect, delivers a speech

"at present, the operating system based on Linux kernel is widely used in self-driving computing platform. With the development of automobile intelligence and EEA, self-driving application scenarios (such as high-speed NOA, urban NOA, etc.) are on the ground, and it is expected that the share will continue to increase in the future. The demand for functional security of self-driving Linux system is becoming more and more urgent, so it is necessary to accelerate the corresponding research and practice." This is the view mentioned by Mr. Zhang Bin, from the Horizon autopilot team, when he shared the theme of "functional Security Research on Autopilot Linux system" at the seminar.

Figure 6: William Chen, head of the Automotive Electronics Development Department of Su Shiyi, delivers a speech.

Photo 7: Qi Xiaobin, head of the strategic planning department of soft industry, delivered a speech.

William Chen, head of Automotive Electronics Development Department of Su Shang Yite, Jet Zhou, Technical Director of Parasoft, and Qi Xiaobin, head of Strategic Solutions Department of Hewu Software, respectively delivered keynote speeches on "Myth and reality of AEC", "Code-level Test solution (static Analysis, Unit Test)" and "functional Safety Analysis based on ESL level to verify closed-loop solution".

In their respective areas of expertise, they have expressed their professional and original views on the development of the current intelligent automobile industry, unlocking the true face of China's auto self-driving and chips in all directions, and actively summarize new experiences, contribute new wisdom and provide new ideas for the development of functional safety of enterprises.

The wonderful speeches of the deputies ignited the atmosphere of the scene. Guests warmly discussed the future development and possibilities in the field of autopilot and chip functional security, expressed their strong interest in MUNIK technical services, and looked forward to in-depth cooperation with MUNIK.

Figure 8: meeting site

In this regard, General Manager Zhao Hao said, "as a professional technical service organization, MUNIK has made important progress in the field of functional safety. This seminar is a new starting point. In the future, MUNIK will continue to be customer-oriented, integrate domestic and foreign resources, combine its own technical advantages, provide customers with all-round solutions, and join hands with industry enterprises to promote the development of self-driving and chip functional safety." Truly empower customers and constantly adapt to current and future development. "

MUNIK2024 annual technical seminars will be held in Suzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai one after another. MUNIK will continue to dig deep into the field of functional safety and is committed to providing safe and reliable services for enterprises. In the future, we will continue to work with partners to jointly promote the development of functional safety!

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