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TECNO industry launches three core imaging technologies to focus on new breakthroughs in mobile phone imaging

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TECNO launches W-shaped variable aperture, liquid telephoto macro lens and Universal Tone at Future Lens's annual image event.

Multi-skin color imaging technology

TECNO, its flagship high-end technology brand, recently unveiled three core imaging technologies at its annual image innovation event Future Lens 2023-the patented W-shaped variable aperture technology, the industry's first liquid telephoto macro lens, and Universal Tone multi-skin imaging technology, which is leading the revolution in mobile phone imaging.

Three image technologies, respectively focus on how to use mobile phone lens to optimize light and shadow, achieve multi-photo morphological fusion, contain image innovation in the field of multi-skin color imaging, and further focus on new breakthroughs in mobile phone images.

W-shaped variable aperture to improve the shooting performance of strong light scenes

Backlight scene has always been one of the pain point scenes in the field of mobile phone images. Because the aperture of the mobile phone camera is usually fixed, in the daytime top light and backlight scene, we will usually encounter unsatisfactory shooting effects, such as the characters are dark and the blue sky is white. For this reason, TECNO developed a patented W-shaped variable aperture technology. TECNO uses bionic vision to simulate the pupil contraction of cuttlefish to design a variable aperture. Its research and development is inspired by the potential undersea cuttlefish. When they need to look up to prey fish on the seafloor, the pupils will contract into a "W" shape to shield the strong light, while effectively filtering the strong light at the top while maintaining the amount of light input.

Equipped with TECNO W variable aperture technology, users can manually adjust the amount of light according to the environment, balance the subject and background, easily achieve a single lens to meet the needs of multi-scene shooting, so that the mobile phone lens can easily cope with a variety of light environment challenges.

Liquid long-focus macro lens to realize long-focus micro-miniaturization

When users need to shoot long-focus macro, the traditional periscope telephoto lens needs to increase the electric drive module to achieve macro-focus, so as to increase the total length of the module and occupy the extra space of the mobile phone. Therefore, the existing mobile phone lens can not take into account the outsole, telephoto and macro shooting quality output. TECNO applies the liquid lens to the periscope telephoto for the first time in the industry. By adjusting the curvature of the crystal lens by voltage, removing the complex upright structure, the volume of the whole telephoto lens module is reduced, and the lens does not protrude too much. The long-focus micro-miniaturization of fast focus zoom is realized, which not only enables users to easily capture the beauty of the macro world in the imaging function, but also achieves innovative breakthroughs in the multi-shot shape of mobile phones. Bring more lightweight and free mobile photography experience.

Universal Tone multi-skin color imaging technology, showing the beauty of diversity

TECNO recently released the transformative multi-skin color imaging technology, TECNO Universal Tone technology, in the feature film "Portrait For Everyone" produced by BBC StoryWorks for TECNO, which tells the perfect integration of technology and humanities, and heralds another important step in continuing to lead the transformation of mobile imaging technology in the future. At the Future Lens image sharing meeting, TECNO further dismantled the technical principles behind the three major engines of Universal Tone multi-skin imaging technology.

TECNO Universal Tone technology integrates the three engines of portrait skin color restoration technology (Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine), regional differential parameter scene customization system (Local-Tuning Engine) and portrait enhancement and beautification technology platform (AI-Powered Computational Portrait Engine) into a unified and powerful system. Portrait skin color restoration technology (Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine) is based on the cutting-edge scientific research of skin color. The use of skin color spectral matrix to calibrate and adjust the skin color can significantly improve the naturalness of the portrait. For different regional scenes, the regional differential parameter scene customization system (Local-Tuning Engine) makes localization customization after automatically recognizing other people's images, reconstructs the image tone, and realizes the perfect coordination between people and the surrounding environment. The Portrait enhanced Beautification Technology platform (AI-Powered Computational Portrait Engine) creates a more personalized portrait imaging experience based on each region's unique cultural aesthetics, facial features and skin tone.

At the TECNO Future Lens image sharing meeting, TECNO not only released three breakthroughs in image innovation At the same time, senior figures in the imaging field were also invited to give a keynote speech-- Zhang Jun, director of the mobile phone engineering department of the Application Engineering Center of Sony Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., shared how Sony mobile phone image chips give full play to the hardware advantages of mobile phone image core components, continue to optimize mobile phone image performance, Nigel Atherton, editor-in-chief of a well-known British photography magazine, shared his insights on the unique charm of photography and how to improve the fun of mobile photography for users who love photography. At the same time, the two guests held an industry dialogue with Huang Xiaohan, Director of TECNO Imaging Product Planning Department, to discuss the new trend and vision of mobile phone imaging development in the future.

The release of the three core image technologies of TECNO, respectively, using bionic vision to optimize mobile phone shooting of light and shadow, using image technology innovation to present multi-form fusion, and using inclusive multi-skin imaging technology to show the beauty of multi-skin color under the mobile phone lens, has become an important closing technology release for TECNO in 2023.

The core of TECNO image innovation takes GLOCAL global localization innovation as the origin, while maintaining the global vision and the cutting-edge technology of the same frequency industry, it deeply focuses on the needs of localization, strives to continuously explore the future-oriented mobile phone lens, and break through the boundary of mobile phone image development.

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