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Lenovo launches YOGA Gaudi co-signed mouse pad / inner bile bag, the price is 99 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 12 news, YOGA Gaudi joint mouse pad and inner gallbladder bag officially went on sale today, the initial price is 99 yuan. organizes Lenovo YOGA Gaudi co-signed mouse pad / gallbladder bag as follows:

YOGA Gaudi mouse pad draws inspiration from Gaudi's classic architecture, using high-precision digital printing with clear and bright patterns; PVC material is selected, the surface is treated by multiple special processes, the feel is comfortable, delicate and smooth; the bottom is designed with non-slip lines, natural environmental protection, imitation leather material, effectively enhance friction.

YOGA Gaudi co-signed gallbladder bag selects Gaudi's classic architectural structure, integrates mosaic collage design; selects polyester fiber fabric, feels smooth, waterproof and easy to take care of, high-definition UV color printing, simple appearance; supports 14-inch notebook computer, built-in six storage space, can hold charger, mouse, data line and other accessories. Lenovo (Lenovo) YOGA * Gao Di joint series gallbladder 99 yuan direct link Lenovo (Lenovo) YOGA * Gao Di joint series mouse pad 99 yuan direct link

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