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WeChat Pay goes online with the function of "learn first and pay later". He is not afraid that education and training institutions will run away.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past. news on December 12, in recent years, education and training institutions "thunderstorm" is not uncommon. Friends who give money first can easily experience the painful lesson of "money has been paid, people are gone". Legitimate operating organizations in the industry are often dragged down by such events, unable to get customers and make no money.

Last month, WeChat Pay launched the ability to "learn first and pay later", according to the official Wechat School. As long as your WeChat Pay score is more than 600, you can "attend class first and pay later".

According to reports, in the product page, select "learn first and then pay" to issue an order to complete the payment sub-authorization, you can go to class directly.

After the successful course arrangement, the course will be pushed directly to the user, and the corresponding fees will be deducted automatically after the completion of the course.

If you want to cancel midway, you can also turn off the deduction service at any time through the "my-wallet-pay points-my service" or the deduction voucher push page. learned from the official Wechat that at present, many types of educational institutions and digital content platforms have access to the "learn first and pay later" capability in Guangdong, Sichuan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Beijing and other places.

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