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Overclocking will automatically invalidate the warranty. 7000 Pro series processors with AMD thread tearing add OC restrictions.

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Shulou( Report--, December 12, although there has been a non-warranty agreement for overclocking damage, officials generally do not specifically check whether it is in line with this situation, because neither AMD nor Intel can prove that users are "damaged because of overclocking", so it is a gentleman's agreement.

@ hjc4869 found that when trying to adjust the OC partial setting (PBO / any main frequency / any voltage / memory frequency and timing) of the AMD thread teaser 7000 series processor in BIOS, there was a disclaimer asking if the user turned on overclocking mode, which, if accepted, would be fused and permanently lost the warranty.

Of course, it seems that overclocking can only be allowed on the DIY platform, and overclocking has been disabled on most OEM models.

In addition, SkatterBencher also found this in the AMD guide, confirming that enabling OC mode would be a "permanent circuit breaker", which is obviously different from normal consumer-grade processors.

When the overclocking mode is turned on, it will be permanent and can no longer be turned off. at the same time, a register will be fused, the processor will be marked as overclocked, and the warranty will be permanently lost.

In other words, AMD can now easily verify that users have turned on overclocking mode. If the user chooses to turn on overclocking mode, there will be a situation where "no matter what causes the CPU damage, there will be no warranty".

In fact, overclocking the AMD Auron 7000 series CPU (mainly PBO) on the AM5 platform will also lose the warranty, but currently AMD does not seem to have enabled the physical circuit breaker mechanism. sees the following reminder in AMD in the Ryzen Master program:

Precision Boost Overdrive will cause the processor to run beyond the factory default, and using this feature will invalidate the warranty for AMD products and possibly the warranty provided by the system manufacturer or retailer.

When AMD released the new product, it also confirmed that overclocking is supported for both the thread ripper 7000 series for the feverish desktop platform and the PRO 7000WX series for the workstation, but the whole OEM system will not be open.

It is worth mentioning that after asking some motherboard manufacturers, Wccftech made a point that this warranty limitation may only apply to Threadripper PRO 7000 processors for business users, not all Ryzen Threadripper processors.

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