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HDR remote games that are now supported by PS5 with the help of open source software Chiaki4Deck,Steam Deck

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Shulou( Report--, December 12, with the update of the open source application Chiaki4Deck, Steam Deck now supports PlayStation 5's HD HDR remote gaming function without the need to buy a 29980 yen ( Note: currently about 1475 yuan) PlayStation Portal streaming handset.

Among them, the OLED version can implement a complete HDR remote game, while the LCD version of Steam Deck can also open the HDR remote game when connected to an external HDR display or forcing HDR to SDR mode.

In addition, the HDR remote games mentioned here apply only to PS5, not to PS4.

Screenshot of the ▲ Chiaki project page, Chiaki4Deck is essentially an open source PlayStation Remote Play client that is an optimized version of Steam Deck derived from the original Chiaki project (both names come from the character Nanami Chiaki in the puzzle).

Currently, Sony has provided official support for PS Remote Play remote gaming services on Windows, Android and iOS platforms, while Chiaki and its derivative versions are adapted specifically for Linux.

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